OC Board of Education: Follow the Money

Unlike other races on the March 2020 ballot, the OC Board of Education trustee position will be decided with the March 3 primary election, and does not go on to a runoff in November’s General Election. Below is an updated look at the money behind each of the four candidates running for the OC Board of Ed 4th District trustee:

 •Jordan Brandman total contributions: $170,800 (includes $75,000 loan to himself and rest in contributions from unions and a few individuals). 

• Vicki Calhoun has not raised or spent over $1000 and is thus not required to file disclosures. 

 •Paulette Chaffee contributions: $300,295 (includes $290,000 in loans to herself, and $10,000 from Doug Chaffee, and three small contributions from individuals).

•Tim Shaw contributions: $304,113 (with most of that coming  from the Charter School PAC).

Source:OC Registrar of Voters 460 and 497 campaign filings available under the Candidate tab at


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