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City Declares “Local Emergency” in Response to COVID-19

City Manager Kenneth Domer signed a formal Proclamation of Local Emergency on March 16, as a means to work with State and Federal authorities to slow the transmission of COVID-19. The City Council ratified the proclamation on Tuesday, March 17.

“This has been a challenging week for our community and nation,” said Domer. “I have been in numerous conversations with health officials, operational staff, local partners and other City Managers throughout the region and at this time I am issuing this proclamation to formalize our emergency response and ensure access to necessary resources.”

The proclamation asks “that the governor waive regulations that may hinder response and recovery efforts, that recover assistance be made available under the California Disaster Assistance Act, and that the State expedite access to State and Federal resources and any other appropriate federal disaster relief programs.”

The City continues to work with other agencies such as the Orange County Health Care Agency, the California Department of Public Health, and the Centers for Disease Control and following their expertise and recommendations. This proclamation follows similar declarations at the national, state, county and city levels.

Some notable portions of the proclamation include:

It is known that there are cases of COVID-19 currently present in the City of Fullerton and within the county of Orange.

It COVID-19 spreads in California at a rate comparable to the rate of spread in outer countries, the number of persons requiring medical care may exceed locally available resources.

Such conditions are behind the control of the services, personnel, equipment, and families of the City and require the combined forces of other political subdivisions to combat.

The city of Fullerton orders that within the boundaries of the City of Fullerton, the State Department of Public Health’s recommendations shall be deemed mandatory.

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