The Downtown Report (Mid April)

Most of you are settling in to the safe-at-home lifestyle for now, so getting information from the outside world has become more important than ever. I am also mired in my home office and not spending time in and around downtown like I have always done, but still keeping in touch with business owners. Driving up and down Harbor and the side streets is a painful revelation. As we told you in the last issue, there are a number of downtown restaurants doing delivery and take out menus, but it’s tough on retailers unless they have a strong online presence.

When I first considered moving my office to downtown Fullerton in the 80s it was a bit bleak, but not like now of course. Downtown was rundown, a few retail spaces were empty, and predictions of doom had been voiced, but we were actually on the cusp of a Renaissance that lifted us from irrelevance. At that time, malls were where most wanted to go, even for restaurants. Once this is over, there will surely be an explosion of activity as the pent-up energy is released. That is something to look forward to for sure. We all look forward to seeing each other again.

Mobile Homes

Feeling a bit of cabin fever and having gotten notified a number of times regarding unique activity near downtown, I drove around, getting photos from inside my car. Two houses were now finally being moved from Chapman Avenue to vacant lots just a couple of blocks south, but logistics made it necessary to head east to Raymond, turn south, west on Commonwealth, then north on Lemon to Amerige.

Amerige was blocked off at the end point, so I boldly ventured outside of that comfort zone, making sure I stayed far away from all who might inadvertently send the virus my way. I heard one jogger say to the other as they spotted a house coming west on Commonwealth “That’s not a mobile home!” to which I yelled as they passed “It is now!” We laughed at the crazy sight of a house being towed, and here and there residents set chairs out in front of their homes as if waiting for a parade to begin. The event was definitely something worth watching in an era that is largely bereft of action of any kind. Both structures made it intact and will be restored.

Kate Dalton of Fullerton Heritage makes sure the turn signals are on.


Glenn Georgieff propagated a lot of plants in hopes of starting a neighborhood garden, but like most everything, that had to be put on hold, so he started giving them away. Yes, FREE plants via a curbside Tomato Collective. Mine are already in the ground, loving the latest rain and growing fast. Glenn promises the community garden project is still in the works, with locations being scouted now.

Also feeling generous is Owner/Chef Imran Ali Mooki, owner of our newest restaurant Khan Saab. His efforts caught the attention of news media who ran a story showing us they were giving away 150 meals and uncooked rice and lentils to anyone in need on Friday, March 27 from 4 to 7pm. Just one month after opening and they have already become part of our community, and have continued with the giveaways, so thank you all at Khan Saab.

Ali Mooki, owner of the new restaurant Khan Saab.

Besides the two local restaurant Facebook sources we mentioned in our last issue, we have another one for you to check out. ‘Fullerton loves food’ is now on Facebook, and they have up-to- date info regarding where you can get food to go or for delivery service from Fullerton restaurants. They welcome positive comments and recommendations so check it out when you can.

Made Coffee on 107 W. Amerige has been serving up excellent coffee choices in a safe environment, plus, as you can see below, they have been creating some inspiring coffee bean art on the tables that must remain unoccupied for the time being. They offer takeout drinks and pastries, or you can use Thanks to Leslie Trasport for the news tip and photos.

Ace is the Place

This just came in: Ace Hardware on Commonwealth Avenue downtown (AKA Fullerton Hardware to us long- time residents) is offering curbside pick-up or delivery to Ace Rewards members who order $50 of merchandise. Call (714) 526-3351 or visit Thanks to Christine Romer for the tip.

Road Work

A brief update, as promised: Repairs on Orangethorpe from Woods to Highland and Euclid from Fern to Bastanchury have been approved by our City Council and will be paid for using SB1 gas tax funds. There will be several phases of design and construction with completion scheduled for early 2021.

Photo Quiz

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