Some Downtown Businesses Reopen

A number of downtown Fullerton restaurant/bars reopened their doors to in-person dining and drinking on Saturday, May 23, after the County and the City announced that the state of California had approved the County’s plan to move local businesses into Stage Two of the Governor’s Pandemic Roadmap.

The city of Fullerton released a “Business Community Newsletter” on May 23 with the title “Indoor and Outdoor Dining and Retail Reopen Today.”

The newsletter lists the types of businesses that are allowed and not allowed to reopen in Stage 2, which includes retail stores and dine-in restaurants (with safety measures), but notes that “other amenities, like bars or gaming areas, are not permitted in Stage 2.”

Early Saturday evening, patrons could be seen sitting mainly in outdoor patio areas of several popular downtown restaurant/bars such as Roscoe’s, Bourbon Street, Hopscotch, and Back Alley.

Patrons on patio of Roscoe’s Famous Deli in downtown Fullerton on Saturday, May 23.

Most employees of these businesses were wearing face coverings, however, many of the customers were not.

According to an order released today by the OC Health Officer, “All Orange County residents and visitors shall wear a cloth face-covering when (i) in a public place; (ii) visiting a retail, commercial, or other place of business; or (iii) at work, and when the resident or visitor is not able to maintain at least 6 feet of physical distance from another person who is not a family/household member or does not live in the same living unit.”

No outdoor dining was taking place in a closed stretch of Wilshire Ave. which the city has said will be made available to expand outdoor dining.

Employees of one restaurant stood outside, inviting passersby to dine inside. One explained that they were operating as normal, but that patrons were required to wear face coverings, and had to be appropriately socially distanced.

According to State guidelines, before reopening all businesses must:

-Perform a detailed risk assessment and implement a site-specific protection plan

-Train employees on how to limit the spread of COVID-19, including how to screen themselves for symptoms and stay home if they have them

-Implement individual control measures and screenings

-Implement disinfecting protocols

-Implement physical distancing guidelines

For more information and resources about COVID-19, please visit

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  1. On May 20 , 2020, City Of Fullerton had 161 Confirmed COVID cases , with a population of 142,824, cook at home, try new recipes, have a glass of 🍷 wine. Put on music and dance , go for a walk on trail. I will not go out to these restaurants, l just hope some of those unmasked who refuse to wear a mask , don’t cause problems with the servers, managers

  2. How do you eat or drink with a facemark on. We will assume that you may take it off while dining. Great that the city is allowing businesses to open. Hopefully these businesses will survive and employees will get back to work. Essential-every business is essential to someone.

  3. How are restaurant patrons who come to eat and drink supposed to wear face coverings? How can you eat with one on? Just curious and asking for a friend….