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Youth Sports Practices Postponed Due to COVID-19

The State of California has recently amended its guidance regarding youth sports practices, team drills and training and will no longer allow them to occur throughout the State.

The State’s Day Camps and Fitness Facility guidelines were used by counties across the state to allow for youth sports practices, team drills and training.

At this time, youth sports activities including practices will be postponed until further direction is provided from the State. Currently, there is no scheduled time by which the State will re-open youth sports.  The County of Orange allowed youth sports practice, team drills and training to re-open on June 15.

For more information about the County of Orange’s response to COVID-19, please visit www.ochealthinfo.com/novelcoronavirus.

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  1. Can you share the link to the source for the State and any sources for OC also? Thank you.

  2. looks like you were wrong on this… still no shutdown mandated by the state. still waiting on your link to the “new guidelines”

  3. where is the link to the guidelines , only reports i see on this are coming from OC .

  4. Where’s the reference to this. Where is your source of information from?