The Downtown Report: Early September Edition

Hillcrest Park Duck Pond

This $1.2 million project is set to be completed in September. Natural looking, rock-filled creek bed, drought-tolerant landscaping and irrigation, and some nice spots to stop and take it all in can be seen here. There will be walkways and seating along Brea Boulevard. For so many of us, that Duck Pond was one of the main attractions of Hillcrest in our youth, along with the bowl that we slid down on cardboard or blocks of ice, so it will be a great feeling to go there once again.

The Duck Pond improvements at Hillcrest Park are underway.

Costs are being paid mainly from funds already set aside by the city of Fullerton for parks restoration, improvement, and development, plus Fullerton received a grant from the state of California for $380,000.

Korean War Memorial

After years of planning, a Korean War Memorial will be built next to the restored pond, just off Brea Boulevard. Estimated cost, $720,000. The Orange County Korean War Memorial Committee has raised $330,026 and the Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs of the Republic of Korea has pledged $216,0000 to support the memorial, which will list the names of more than 36,000 Americans who gave their lives in the War, which lasted from June 1950 to July 1953. There was quite a turnout for the ground-breaking. Parking lots were filled and so were the seats, but fortunately, that area has many mature trees so there was shade for all on another very hot Summer day.

The groudbreaking of the Korean War Memorial at Hillcrest Park.

As pictured, there will be 5 star-shaped pillars with 10 panels, with 750 names inscribed on each panel.

Museum Center

Fullerton loves its museum and a lot is going on to make sure programs, events, and exhibits will continue this year. Many have stepped up their money raising efforts to make up for the funding shortfall. The Woman’s Club of Fullerton donated $4500 they received from Ocean Subaru of Fullerton’s Share the Love charity event. The money will fund the upcoming “The FMC and ME” exhibit. In addition, many local artists created and donated original works of art, which will be sold and all proceeds from the sale of those pieces will also go directly to the Museum Center. They will be on display at the Museum Center from September 3 through October 29.

New in Town

Many murals have been either restored or uncovered the past few years, and a new one is taking form right now. This one is being created at a new business called The Coffee Cup at 220 N. Malden. Not sure about the interior design, but the last we checked the progress of the mural, it was getting close to completion. As you can see, it’s a very detailed and colorful painting that covers the entire back wall facing the parking lot. As many times as I have been there, I have not been able to connect with the artist, but no doubt details will be known by the time our next issue is published.

Scheduled to open in early 2021 (and aren’t we all looking forward to spending time in that new year), Ostrich Egg Distillery at 129 W. Commonwealth will be a fully functioning distillery with a standard product line and “twists on some that will result in one-of-a-kind spirits.” They will also have a Members Club, so once this insane year is over, we can all welcome this new business to our downtown.

More Relics

One of the fascinating things about having an historic downtown is discovering information about some of the older buildings. Over the years, however, many have been lost to fire, as is the case of the entire block where this “Music Co.” was located, and this address apparently was right next door to Leo Fender’s original shop at 112 Harbor Blvd. Still looking for info on that place, maybe one of you knows. Could this actually. Have been a shared space with 110? If so, this could have been purchased from Leo’s shop since they also sold records. Notice the name ‘Souvenir’ on the record itself. I have a feeling my own Dad is the one who purchased this. To some, the bag is just worn-out paper, to others, it’s a relic worth saving.

Photo Quiz

This unique wood frame house unfortunately burned to the ground on August 18. On what major avenue was it located? Send your answer to Mike at

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  1. I’ve just discovered your publication. Glad to see that there is one devoted to Fullerton. I was born and grew up here and have many memories of an earlier age. To be exact, the late 40s to the mid 60s. I was wondering whether you might be interested in publishing a piece in which I compare the Fullerton of those days to that of the 21st century. Although I’ve lived in San Diego County since 1966, I manage to stop by Fullerton once or twice a year. It is always nice to visit the town that was so familiar to me as a boy.

    William L. Rupp