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Sharon Quirk-Silva Re-Elected to State Assembly

Based on ballots cast so far and our projections, it is safe to state that incumbent Democrat Sharon Quirk-Silva has been re-elected to the California State Assembly District 65, defeating Republican challenger Cynthia Thacker.

As of November 5, the Orange County registrar of voters had posted the following results:

Ballots are still being counted, and these results are not certified. According to the OC Registrar of Voters, there are still 235,564 ballots left to count. The Orange County Register also declared this race “firmly settled.”

On November 4, Quirk-Silva posted on her Facebook page, “Thank you to the great constituents of #AD65 for re-electing me to represent you.”

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  1. SQS is a Wolf in sheep’s clothing, and now she has propped up another family member to get on the gobment pension gig. FULLERTON produces the most corrupt “community members” per capita that this country has ever seen.