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Council to Reconsider Cannabis Ordinance

Fullerton City Council will reconsider approval of an ordinance that would allow a limited number of cannabis businesses in Fullerton (with regulations) at their upcoming November 17 meeting.

After voting 3-2 on October 6 to introduce the ordinance, City Council reversed course at their October 20 meeting, and voted 4-1 to “table” the ordinance. The reason for the vote change was the presence of many Fullerton residents who showed up to speak against the ordinance.

At their November 2 meeting, Mayor Pro Team Jan Flory made a motion to “untable” and bring the item back for discussion. This motion was supported by Councilmembers Jesus Silva and Ahmad Zahra, and opposed by Mayor Jennifer Fitzgerald and Councilmember Bruce Whitaker.

Flory said she wanted to bring the ordinance back because she’d been receiving calls from residents who were upset that the Council had reversed their decision to approve the ordinance.

She referenced a couple of proposed State bills that could require cities to allow cannabis dispensaries if a majority of residents had voted for Prop 64, which Fullerton did, and would not have the same restrictions on the proposed Fullerton ordinance.

“I believe that our City should call out our own destiny with respect to the cannabis ordinance,” Flory said.

The proposed ordinance would allow five cannabis retail businesses, five manufacturing businesses, five cultivation businesses, five transportation/distribution businesses, and unlimited testing businesses in certain commercial and manufacturing zones within the City pursuant to specified development and operational standards.

To learn more about the proposed ordinance, view it HERE.

The pink and blue zones are where cannabis businesses would be allowed to located under the proposed ordinance, with certain restrictions.

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  1. At this point, they should leave it to the new city council to decide. Jung and Dunlap are the first to be representing specific districts, and technically Whitaker too even if he was a prior council member. The new council should not have to live with decisions made this closely in the past.