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Fullerton Elections Count Update

Fred Jung, Nick Dunlap, and Bruce Whitaker are leading in their respective races for Fullerton City Council in the recent election. 2020 will be the first year to have members of the City Council elected in the 1st, 2nd, and 4th Districts. 2018 saw the first elected members from the 3rd and 5th District. No at-large members will remain following this election. Updated election results can be found at the OC ROV’s site: https://ocvote.com/results/current-election-results.

District 1: The latest vote tallies released by the Orange County Registrar of Voters (OC ROV) show Fred Jung with 5,787 votes, compared to opponent Andrew Cho’s 5,454, a difference of 333 in favor of Jung, who has maintained a lead over Cho since Election Night returns were first released. Jung has already claimed victory in the race.

District 2: Nick Dunlap has held a commanding lead over the three other candidates in the race since election night. He currently has 7,326 votes, far ahead of his closest competitor, Dr. Faisal Qazi, who trails with 4,345. Mackenzie Chang holds third place with 1,723 votes, while Chuck Sergeant is in last place with 1,578 votes. Dunlap had previously served on Fullerton’s Planning  Commission.

District 4: Incumbent at-large Council member Bruce Whitaker pulled ahead of challenger Aaruni Thakur after Election Night totals were first released. Whitaker currently has 4,223 votes, for a lead of 249 over Thakur’s count of 3,974. Thakur was elected to Fullerton School District Board in 2018, and is expected to keep his seat if he does not prevail in the City Council election.

Measure S, the city-sponsored measure which would have increased Fullerton’s local sales tax is failing, with only 23,120, compared to 31,767, votes against it.

Measure U that would ban the sale of Safe-and-Sane fireworks in the City is also expected not to pass. 32,404 votes have been counted against the measure, while 22,548 voters supported it.

North Orange County Community College District Trustee, Area 4: Evangelina Rosales leads this race with 22,312 votes over Miguel Alvarez, who has 16,854 votes.

State Assembly District 65: Incumbent Sharon Quirk-Silva has already declared victory in a race where she appears to have prevailed over challenger Cynthia Thacker. Quirk-Silva has 98,109 votes, or 58% over Thacker’s 71,103 or 42%.

State Senate District 29: Josh Newman, who was recalled from this office in 2018 after having been elected to it in 2016, leads in the current contest with 182,388 votes or 51.3% over incumbent Ling Ling Chang, who replaced him in the seat when he was recalled from it. Chang currently has 172,803 votes, or 48.7%.

U.S. Congress District 39: Although he was in the lead on Election Night, Gil Cisneros, who flipped this seat to the Democrats in 2018, is now behind Republican Young Kim in a tight race where the margin of difference is less than a percentage point. Kim leads with 146,297 or 50.4% over Cisneros, who currently has 143,800 votes for 49.6%.

The OC ROV currently estimates the total number of ballots to be counted after Election Day was 250,896. Of that number, just 75,380 have been tallied so far, with 175,516 remaining. These numbers change as eligible ballots received after election day arrive and conditional voter registrations (same day registrations) are validated and counted. Vote totals will continue to fluctuate until all ballots are received, processed, and counted.

It is important to note that the OC ROV site only posts total votes cast in Orange County. For state and local offices with districts that extend beyond OC, such as the 39th Congressional District and the 29th State Senate District, readers should refer to California’s Secretary of State site: https://electionresults.sos.ca.gov.

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  1. Looking up Dunlap – how come no one is wearing masks in his kickoff party? The album is dated from July of this year.

  2. I would love to sell my 4 wheel drive but in Fullerton the roads are so bad you need it just to go to the store. Tijuana Mexico has better road maintenance than we have in the city of Fullerton! Cheaper to hire a crew than pay contractors to fix anything once a year. City’s that have no one leaving in them have better maintained roads than Fullerton! The side walks I have to leave the city just to walk around the block in Fullerton it’s dangerous to walk anywhere in the city that don’t have million dollar homes!