Universal Children’s Day is Nov. 20

UN Convention on the Rights of the Child May Be on Hold in the US Senate but Supporting Children’s Rights Is Not

Do you know that one way to support children is by recognizing and supporting Universal Children’s Day (UCD) and the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC)?  UCD is a day to celebrate all children, recognize their global human rights, and promote programs and activities throughout the year that are in the best interests of the child. These global rights fall under five categories—Survival, Protection, Development, Provision, and Participation.

Each article in the CRC focuses on a particular right for all children, such as the right for adequate education, a name and a home, preventive and primary health care, a culture and a country.

To celebrate children you can plan an activity with a child or children by using one of the 54 CRC articles such as, the right to play, the right to have friends, or the right to express your opinion especially when it involves you.

The UN CRC is an international human rights treaty for all children, passed unanimously by the UN in Nov. 1989 after 40 nations, including the U.S., spent 10 years drafting it. The CRC document was created to insure that all children around the world will grow up and develop to their fullest potential.  Emphasis is placed on the primary care and protective responsibility of the family and states that governments should support the family. Within its 54 articles, a fundamental goal is to protect children in their vulnerable early years.

Today all nations except the US have ratified the UN CRC treaty with minor adaptations. In 2014, after documenting national support, the CRC was sent to then President Barack Obama who sent it to the US Senate for adoption. This request still waits for the required 2/3 of the current senators to approve. When it is approved, it will be sent to the current President for final approval.  The 2020 election could bring the needed senators for support. Please let your Senator know how important it is to have the U.S. join the rest of the nations in accepting the CRC. and also be able to work with other nations on issues to help children.

Remember all children need love, care, fun, and acceptance!

Dorothy Sailor is a Professor of Child Development at Fullerton College and OMEP-US Advocacy Chair for Child Rights and Universal Children’s Day.

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