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First OC Vaccination Super Site to Open at Disneyland Resort

The first of five planned “Super Point-of-Dispensing” (POD) sites is scheduled to open at Anaheim’s Disneyland Resort later this week to provide vaccinations against COVID-19. Orange County residents and those who work in OC who are included in Phase 1A of the California Department of Public Health’s Allocation Guidelines for distribution of COVID-19 vaccines. Phase 1A includes healthcare workers, first responders in high-risk communities and any residents 75 years and older.

According to a County  administration press release, “Most of those eligible to be vaccinated in Phase 1A will be contacted through their employer to schedule an appointment via a third-party app developed in cooperation with the County of Orange.” The Orange County Healthcare Agency is partnering with the Orange County Fire Authority to distribute the vaccine through it’s “Operation Independence,” named because OC plans to complete its vaccination program by July 4 of this year.

The state of California has adopted a three-phased plan of vaccination administration for the State’s nearly 40 million residents, prioritizing those in health and so-called frontline occupations and the elderly for the first shots. All vaccines offered, so far, are offered as a two-part program with booster shots given weeks after the initial dose.

Phase 1A, which includes approximately 3 million people, reserves vaccines for healthcare workers and residents of long-term care facilities.

Phase 1B, Tier One includes individuals aged 75 years or older.

Phase 1B, Tier Two includes individuals age 65-74, frontline workers in the following sectors: transportation and logistics; industrial, commercial, residential, and sheltering facilities and services; critical manufacturing, and homeless and incarcerated individuals in congregate settings at risk for outbreaks.

Phase 1C, individuals 50 – 64 years of age, individuals 16 – 49 years of age with underlying health conditions or disabilities that increase their risk of severe COVID-19, and those at risk of exposure in the workplace in the following sectors: water and wastewater; defense; energy; chemical and hazardous materials; communications and IT; financial services; government operations/community-based essential functions.

“Only those identified under Phase 1A who have an appointment will receive a vaccination at the County’s new Super POD locations.  Individuals with appointments must provide identification and documentation of vaccine eligibility at the site. Walk-ups without an appointment cannot be accommodated. Given the limited initial supply of the COVID-19 vaccine, distribution will be limited at the beginning and increased over time. The phased, tiered approach to vaccine distribution aims to reach critical populations to reduce morbidity and mortality rates due to the transmission of COVID-19,” says the County’s January 11 press release.

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  1. Can anyone tell me what the website to schedule appt for vaccine please???? Not computer savvy😀 Thanks in advance💉

  2. This is a list of workarounds to an a vaccine appointment through Othena shared on Safe Places OC.

    After 3 days of figuring out the vaccination system for the 65+ people I’ve learned a few things so thought I’d post some tips:
    1. Start by using the website to register
    2. THEN download the Othena App (only available on iPhones currently)
    3. The first time you’re on the app it will prompt you to change your password… just put the SAME password in twice (this is super important because you don’t want to confuse your loved one that you’re helping by using a password they aren’t familiar with)
    4. Fill out the prescreening questionnaire
    5. It will say you have a confirmed appt. with an N/A time. This is an app glitch. It just means you don’t have an appt.
    6. Click on the calendar to get your appointment.
    7. Hit the date (it will have that day’s date) and you will see the same date pop up at the bottom.
    8. If you only see that day’s date in means there are no appointments available.
    9. Keep trying the same thing. Close out the app, open it up, click on the calendar, click on the date, see if a new date pops up. Again and again and again.
    10. When you see a new date pop up (that is not today’s date) then that means appointments are available! Click on the new date, click on the location, click on the time. Then click “book” and you have your appointment. Sometimes you have to try more than one time because they book so quickly.
    11. If it says your username and password are incorrect it’s a glitch. DO NOT CHANGE IT! Just try again in a few minutes. It basically means the system is being overrun. Also you may get a loading screen for a long time. Just close out the app and try again.
    12. Try every 15-30 minutes. They pop up at random times. I’ve gotten appts at 8 pm, 5 AM, 6:30 AM and 8:45 PM. In line with my mom people said they got them around 11 PM too. They post appointments all throughout the day. Just keep trying!
    13. After you’ve successfully gotten them an appointment make sure they download the app and know how to login.
    They will need the app when they go to their appt. We screenshot the appt. confirmation but they couldn’t find my mom’s appt. so I had to pull the app up for the QR code.
    They said they can search by name if you don’t have the app but they couldn’t find my mom so try your best to get that app on their phone and make sure they know how to pull it up.

  3. So if the app isn’t available how is it that people were in line today at Disneyland and it wasn’t for the rides?!!!

    • So, I learned from other people on Facebook during the press conference at Dland today that the Othena app only works on iPhones with OS 13.5 or higher.

    • “🚨#OCCOVID19 vaccinations at #Disneyland  Resort are by APPOINTMENT ONLY through Othena.com. Those without an appropriate appointment and proper identification will be turned away. Showing up without an appointment stresses the system and depletes scarce resources,” OC Healthcare Agency. But good luck if you don’t deal with apps, like many older people. And, last time we checked the app wasn’t even available.

  4. The third party app at the link provided in the story is Othena. However, the app is not yet available.

    The page says to “Fill out the form to the right when to get notified when Othena is available.”

    I find this all very curious considering the Disney vaccine site is by appointment only, the appointments are all full, according to my county supervisor’s staff, yet there isn’t even an app available yet to download and set up an appointment.