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Trump Impeached Again, Rep. Kim Votes ‘No’

President Trump was impeached for the second time by the House of Representatives on January 13 for “Incitement of Insurrection” in sparking the violent mob on January 6 that stormed the US Capitol building seeking to overturn the election results, and in doing so, led to the deaths of 5 people and hundreds of thousands of dollars in property damage.

The impeachment passed with a vote of 232 in favor and 197 against. Unlike Trump’s first impeachment, ten Republicans voted in favor this time.

Young Kim, the recently-elected Republican congressional representative for District 39, which includes Fullerton, voted against impeachment, saying in a statement that she prefers “censure” of the President.

A “censure” is a formal statement of disapproval, with little or no legal or material consequences. By contrast, if a president is impeached in the House and convicted in the Senate, they are barred from holding public office forever.

In a press release, after sharply condemning the violence of January 6 and saying the rioters and the President must “must be held accountable,” Kim said, “I believe impeaching the President at this time will fail to hold him accountable or allow us to move forward once President-elect Biden is sworn in.”

“I believe censuring the president is a better option,” Kim said.

Newly-elected Rep. Young Kim stands on the steps of the U.S. Capitol building in a photo posted on social media one day before it was stormed by a violent mob.

On January 12, Kim helped introduce a resolution to censure President Trump for his actions on January 6, and his role in misleading Americans about the outcome of the election.

That same day, she voted against a House resolution calling on Vice-President Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove President Trump from office.

On January 6-7, Kim did not vote on the GOP-backed challenge to Arizona’s electoral results, saying that she was being tested for COVID-19. Later, she voted against the challenge to Pennsylvania’s electoral results.

Kim ultimately voted to certify the election results.

“The Electoral College has voted and I will respect their vote,” Kim said in a press release.

In the wake of the January 6 insurrection, thousands of National Guard members have been called in to protect the Capitol as Congress convenes.

Despite the impeachment, President Trump will likely remain in office for the remainder of his term, as it takes a trial and conviction in the Senate to officially remove him from office.

Donald Trump is the first president in United States history to be impeached twice.

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  1. Young Kim is playing politics with very basic serious issues like the Afghan withdrawal. Wants to gain the votes if the uninformed. Biden had the bad luck of having to carry out the withdraw after Trump totally degitimized the Democratically elected Afghan government which caused its fall and the Taliban to take over Kabul in two days.

    What does Kim say about the TRUMP BIG LIE. Does she think that Trump won by a landslide?

    What does she think about the Jan 6 insurrection?

    Did Kim support the Cal. Gov. Recall?

    Frank Lupini

  2. I support impeachment and I therefore disagree with Rep. Kim’s vote. However, it should be remembered that, as reported in the OC Register on Jan. 5, of 6 So.Cal. GOP representatives, only Rep. Kim had the guts to go on record BEFORE Jan. 6 to say she would vote to certify the election and reject the so-called objections. Which she did. As a freshman Congressman. When Kevin McCarthy and the large majority of Republicans in Congress were still voting to perpetuate these lies. There is no reasonable disagreement that Trump lost the election and betrayed his oath of office by inciting a violent attack on civil government. (Eg Trump said on Jan. 6 ‘we will never concede’). Based on her public statements BEFORE Jan. 6 and her vote on Jan. 6 and the text of her censure resolution (read it before you comment) I believe Rep. Kim accepts both of those propositions. But I do think reasonable minds can differ as to whether impeachment & conviction is the appropriate remedy, considering that Trump will already be out of office by the time of the trial. I think it is, she thinks it’s not. I disagree with her, but to call her ‘spineless’ or ‘slavish’ is wrong, and accomplishes nothing.

  3. Donald Trump is best President since Lincoln. Look at the Whitehouse.gov website showing his accomplishments in first term.
    Hillary Clinton, the DNC, FBI, CIA and the Fake News Media attempted a coup against Trump which is now fully exposed in the recently released documents. They did not stop there, Pelosi and the Soros gang tried a sham impeachment in December 2019 when Trump exposed Biden and his son Hunter of colluding with Ukrainian officials for personal gain. Then the China Virus lockdown scam. Now they have impeached Trump again because the Dems, Antifa, and CNN colluded to raid the Capital building while Trump was still giving a speech in front of the White House.
    Young Kim should needs to avoid falling in with the Rhino’s in the Swamp and vote as a Patriot.

  4. I will always respect Rep. Kim for voting to remove Rusty Kennedy, then CEO of Orange County Human Relations Commission, from this position in November, 2017 when she served on Orange County Board of Supervisors. For too long, Rusty used his position to deflect allegations of police brutality from OC’s community away from the police departments who always strongly recommended to the OC Board of Supervisors to continue funding Rusty’s commission. She stood for decency and refused to allow those who publicly reviled her wise judgement on this matter to intimidate her. Rep. Kim has already proven she represents the best interests of her constituents.

  5. Outrageous. I can’t believe I voted for someone so spineless.

    Inciting a rebellion against the United States government should have serious consequences. You don’t need me to tell you that Young Kim. You know that. Instead you rather be partisan than patriotic. Shameful.

  6. John, That’s an immature broad brush response, mentailty like that is why the divisiveness in this country persists. You are the perfect example of perpetuating division among community.

    IMHO, Impeachment is a theatrical charade. At least Kim is looking for a reasonable solution; she cant make him be a reasonable man. Not every Republican is a bad person because Trump is a bad person…

    Some republicans are looking forward to him being gone… Imagine that?!

  7. Censure does nothing to change Trump’s behavior. Kim is just another cog in Trump’s Republican machine. History will remember your slavish subservience.