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Young Observers: Mid-February Edition

We’re nearly half-way through Black History Month this February. This has been celebrated since 1976 when President Gerald Ford set aside the month for national observance.  As an African-American-Asian teen, this month is  important to me as it helps me reflect on my Black heritage and appreciate all the work and sacrifices by those who have helped improve the lives of African-Americans.

Fullerton’s current demographics include only 2.5% of people who are Black and 5.1% who are mixed race, which borders on being statistically insignificant compared to the 37.1% who are Hispanic/Latino, 32.8% who are White (non-Hispanic),  and 24.3% who are Asian (US Census Bureau). Despite belonging to the minority, not anyone from our City has made me feel different or inferior throughout my childhood until now that I have become a teen.  In school, no one cares about skin color or hair texture.  Natural friendships are formed based on interests and personalities.  My African-American dad and I attend church, go to stores, and restaurants and no one gives us a second look nor hesitates to deal with us.  Of course, this is the 21st century, a far cry from those times in the past when racial discrimination was the norm.  But this month-long observance evokes a sense of gratitude in me for being able to live a normal life like the one I am living now and  inspires me to actively participate in advocacies that continue to fight against racism, especially systemic racism throughout the country.

For those in search of virtual events celebrating Black History Month in our City, Cal State Fullerton has a range of virtual programs that run from Feb 16 through Feb 25 with interesting topics like “Black Foods Showcase” (Feb 18, 1-2pm) and “The Freedom of Our Hair” (Feb 22, 3-4pm).  Fullerton College is also hosting virtual events that focus on empowering Black students at this time of a pandemic in order to help sustain Black communities.  The last event, slated for Feb 22, is an interactive event on creating a Black cultural business and resource center.  The Fullerton School District, though doesn’t have a specific event planned for Black History Month, has issued a letter to the community dated January 17, 2021, which declares “that the lives of Black students matter (Per Resolution 1920-21).”  It also renewed  its commitment to support diverse communities and to stand against racism.

Look at those eyes, quite eager to be taken home!  Meet Boyd.  He  loves to relax, play, and spend time with you. He already learned how to sit during his time in his shelter. Although he is a senior, he seems like a very smart dog because he was only taken in about two months ago. Boyd is perfect for a family with older kids and adults. If you have another pet, it would be best if it is calm. Lots of scratches, baths, treats, and attention makes him feel loved and happy. If you are interested in adopting Boyd, call 714-935-6848 or go to adoption@occr.ocgov.com to see more information!

TikTokers have baked up another food surprise — baked feta pasta — a simple yet sophisticated dish that consists of tomatoes, pasta, olive oil, herbs, spices, and most importantly, feta cheese. With the one-year anniversary of the COVID-19 lockdown right around the corner, it’s no surprise that another food trend is dominating social media. Finnish food blogger Jenni Häyrinen is reportedly behind the first version of the recipe published in 2019. Currently, Finnish grocery stores have noted a large shortage of feta cheese with the growing popularity of this dish. On social media platform, TikTok, the trending hashtag “#FetaPasta” has amassed over 100 million views, with thousands of recreations. This trend is a new take to making pasta and for all the food fanatics, it’s the perfect opportunity to cook up a delicious meal — perhaps a special Valentine’s dinner dish for the family.

“Divided Fire” tells the story of two sisters– Miren, who doesn’t have the ability to sing, and Kesia, who can sing, but depends on her older sister. I really loved Kesia and Miren’s relationship and the way they would do anything to protect each other. During their journey to find one another, their paths become intricately woven with others to create a compelling read.

I didn’t expect to love this book so much, and though it was completely different from what I had expected, I enjoyed it. Set in a world where the ability to sing gives singers the power to control elements, this is a well-written story that navigates the depths of love and the struggles of acceptance.  This book truly is a solid debut that takes you on the journey of two sisters who find their way back to one another while slowly incorporating the trope of found family into the story. I would definitely recommend this for the dimensional characters, an interesting storyline, and a pair of sisters who will steal your heart.

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