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  2. How would you improve Fullerton?

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  1. Jose Ortiz and Fullerton Native – The last Point in Time Count found 352 people were homeless in Fullerton. Since then about 115 have been helped off the streets into homes or existing and new shelters. Building a shelter and providing a safe parking area with social services (like rapid re-housing, job placement, substance abuse recovery, etc.) for the remainder would be the right thing to do and also take care of the problem. The UCI study found it is cheaper to house the homeless than to pay through constant police enforcement, hospital emergency rooms, clean-up, and other programs. Let’s try providing shelter for the homeless part of our community – instead of the current method which is not working.

  2. I was born in Fullerton and used to love what FULLERTON represented. This was 30+ years ago. It is now a drunken corrupt cesspool, where there are no controls of government costs, and constant back door deals. I liked Fullerton when the city budget was not 75% of the budget.

    • Correction… law enforcement and fire are 75% of city budget.

  3. Also tell gang unit to stop just baby sitting these old homeless gangsters and actually look into a way of banning them from our city. I don’t want them representing the hard working people of Fullerton. This is not homeless town. This is Fullerton a beautiful city. Just the smell of urine and tents all over downtown.
    I don’t want to hear words like. Squatters. Bums. Meth addicts. Gang members. Drunks. I simply want the city officials to care for all parts of fullerton. Not just fullerton heights . thank you.

  4. Get rid of the homeless RV from the public parks. They bring meth a gang members around our kids at all hours of the day. Not too mention some live inside the restrooms injecting drugs

  5. Can I just lave a comment here? I would like to see downtown Harbor thru traffic diverted or slowed (possibly to a one-way street like Santa Cruz downtown) so the middle of downtown isn’t such a highway. Maybe increase width of Harbor sidewalks. I love the dining plaza on W. Wilshire and hope it can stay put.

    • The Redevelopment “professionals” destroyed any hope for Harbor Blvd. 40 years ago.