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Bar defends itself against accusations at protest

Local bar JP23 Urban Kitchen was the target of another protest on Saturday, August 14 by demonstrators demanding the bar be closed. Police are continuing to investigate allegations of a rape downtown brought by a young woman who said she believes she was drugged at the bar and later assaulted.

Bar owner Jacob Poozhikala, who maintains the business is not involved, said, “I have received death threats. They even posted my home address.” Poozhikala’s business dropped off drastically after the accusation by protesters that his restaurant has a rape culture. He decided to have a customer appreciation day and give a free meal to all his loyal customers.

“This past week I have learned a lot about public perception. It is not about who is right or wrong,” said Gurj, head of social media for JP23. “When this girl cried rape and made it about our business, it really hurt us. It is also hurting our neighbors. This is not a normal Saturday.”

Around 15 protesters showed up Saturday and began chanting, “F**k JP23!” In response, four JP23 employees chanted back, “We do not consent!” A car pulled up and a very drunk man got out and assaulted the protesters. One of the JP23 security guards asked if the protesters were okay to which the protesters told him to F**k off. Two of the businesses’ female employees danced around with signs that said, “Facts over feelings” and “JP23 stands with women.”

Carlos, a patron of JP23, said, “You know the people come here, they drink a lot. You can’t go to a night club and expect them to take care of you. That is on you. You know?”

Jules, a Fullerton resident out walking his dog, said, “This is shameful what they are doing to this business. They should find out who is in charge of this whole activity and charge them for slander.”

The next evening on August 15, around nine people showed up to protest including the assault victim Samantha Velasquez and her mother. Employees from JP23 handed out fluorescent t-shirts to patrons that read, “Women Are Safe at JP23.” Some of those patrons later became aggressive and tried verbally shaming the alleged sexual assault victim. “She was “cochonda” [horny] and she drank too much. She got what she was asking for,” said one customer referring to Samantha, who alleges that she was drugged, raped, and left in a parking structure. Another patron, who was notably drunk, was pulled back by his friend after trying to pick a fight with protestors.

Jacob Poozhikala said his business, JP23 Urban Kitchen, his employees, his family, and his life were threatened. “People were yelling that we are rapists. Why? Because this girl says she was raped? Why isn’t she going after the guy who did this to her,” Poozhikala said, “Really, what were we supposed to do? She looked fine when she left.”

When asked what the policy on intoxicated people is at JP23, Poozhikala wrote, “Over-intoxication is a tough measurement because we are unaware of how many drinks they [the customer] had prior to coming to the establishment. But once we realize they are intoxicated, our policy is to serve no more alcohol, offer water, and make sure they have friends with them. If they choose not to comply, we usually escort them out. That is a last resort and usually happens because they become aggressive and violent because we won’t serve them alcohol anymore.”

According to Poozhikala, he has bought weapons to protect himself and hired a private investigator who reports to have uncovered additional video of Samantha Velasquez later in the evening near JP23. The private investigator along with some employees also allege that Samantha and others have made fake accounts to leave bad reviews for the restaurant. The Observer uncovered reviews going back as far as 2016 that claim theft, drugging, fighting, and terrible service. According to Forbes Business, bad reviews can damage a business’s reputation.

The protesters say they are going to show up at the City Council meeting scheduled for August 17.

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  1. At JP23 in Fullerton, My best-friend Solé Zion Mitchell-Hall met up some guy who goes by DJ Vibes on July 24th, 2021. My sources say, after running into Solé and having a short conversation with her, she seemed sober when he found her with this guy/DJ around 12:45 am and also mentions that when he said “Hi” to Solé, the guy/DJ gave him weird vibes. My sources say she had a moment at the bar with this guy/DJ, but they can’t confirm if she had a drink. The guy/DJ, that she was with, left her there and she walked out alone when they started kicking everyone out at 1:30am.

    I know that she was familiar with JP23 as she was romantically talking to one of their security guards but cut communication before that night.

    We have no idea what happened to her, But she was the wrong-way driver who drove 18+ miles from Fullerton/Anaheim to Long Beach on the morning of July 25th, 2021 after visiting JP23. CHP did nothing after they received the first and multiple 911 call reporting her; nothing for 18+ miles ’til she hit a solo driver, Aaron, head-on in the HOV line at around 5:25am.

    Her mother, Nashon tried to make contact with her all night. Shortly before the crash, Solé finally responded via text that she was on her way home and confirmed “yes,” she had work that morning.

    With the news about multiple women falling victims of the date rape drug, Rohypnol, at this establishment, we suspect that she may have been a victim of the drug as well. Effects of Rohypnol, can hit as early as 30 minutes and last up to 8 hours, can include extreme drowsiness and impaired judgement.

    Nashon has tried to reach out to the owner of JP23 and FPD to ask for a chance to review the videos of the evening her daughter passed. WE WANT JP23 TO SHARE VIDEOS FROM THAT NIGHT and for anyone to speak up if they know anything about the series of event that happened that night.

    • I am so sorry to read about your friend. Was there a police report made where your friend was at JP23? If the police did not get the video right away, I am not sure that JP23 is legally speaking supposed to keep the videos. Especially if the person did not look to be under duress when leaving. If the police did get the videos, I think a parent or guardian can request the video from the police. I am checking what the requirements are and will update my reply here with any new information I find.

  2. Every Monday morning when we walk in DTF we encounter vomit on the sidewalks. Close all the bars please.

  3. Gurj: “When this girl cried rape…” a) She’s not a girl; she’s a woman; b) She didn’t “cry” rape, she reported being raped (after having a rape kit done that showed blunt trauma). I don’t know whether JP23 is partly responsible, but its owner and reps attitudes are tone-deaf. Are they helping with the police investigation? Have they released the full videotape? Have they turned over the tape to the cops?


  5. You did yourself no favors JP 23, obviously you don’t believe the girl when she said she was raped. Right now, right there, you have shown your hand.

    You obviously did not hire PR rep to handle this, hind sight is 20/20.

    With a mentality like that , You SHOULD be shut down.

    “ “When this girl cried rape and made it about our business, it really hurt us. It is also hurting our neighbors. This is not a normal Saturday.”

    You are disgusting man, Gurj.

      • you or I are entitled to that information. Does it matter? Tell me why it matters.

    • My son works here, I was here that night picking him and I seen this girl walking very drunkly with a few of her friends. How did she get rapped when she had about 5 people with her?? The victim was all hugged up with a man against a fence kissing. All I know is don’t let my son get hurt while at work due to this girl’s lie, it’s gone be a big ass problem