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Governor declares State of Emergency for Huntington Beach oil spill

A 144,000-gallon crude oil spill occurred in Huntington Beach from a broken offshore platform pipeline. The spill has killed fish and birds and is upsetting the ocean and onshore ecosystem.

Aerial view of a part of the oil spill. Photo courtesy of US Coast Guard.

Governor Gavin Newsom declared the area a state of emergency on October 3rd which will help in immediate cleanup efforts. The operator of the pipeline was Beta Operating Company and its parent company Amplify Energy.

11,360 feet of boom have been laid by workers to try to curb the oil spread, and 328 people have been deployed in a cleanup effort.

The spill has impacted 23 miles of coastline from Huntington Beach to Dana Point. Beach town residents complained of bad smells late Friday, October 1 before the leak was announced on Saturday, October 2.

Visit www.voiceofoc.org for ongoing reporting on the spill. 

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  1. Our city of Fullerton invested $600,000 in Exxon Mobile in 2019 which remains until 2022, according to city records.

  2. Do Fullerton residents know that our city has big oil investments? We are supporting Exxon and possibly others – I really object to having my taxes support the dying oil industry. Why don’t we invest in solar and wind instead?