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Young Observers: Mid October Issue

It’s Club Rush season. Have you picked your club? Our school principal recently announced a “record-setting Club Rush” with a combined new and existing 91 clubs participating in the week-long exhibit and recruitment rally held last month.

What makes you join a club out of the hundreds available in the school district? For me, I want a club that helps me make a difference beyond my local community. I am looking to help my fellow students from under-resourced communities persevere in their studies, and I want to build friendships with them and encourage them to express their voices. I checked out the clubs last year and did not find what I was looking for so I formed one with the help of my friends.

The name of the club is Young Observers International (YOI). It is one of the two divisions of the Young Observers Club (YOC). The other division is called Young Observers Fullerton (YOF), which is made up of student volunteers who write for The Fullerton Observer. YOF has already completed two successful years with two annual conferences, so I thought it was time to expand. While YOF provides local youth the opportunity to let their voices be heard through their articles in The Fullerton Observer, YOI wants to inspire students from under-resourced communities to express their voices through the YOI monthly assembly.

Young Observers International (YOI) USA. “Through the club, we hope to create a meaningful opportunity for students in under-resourced communities to persevere in their studies, gain new friends and express their voices.”

YOI aims to make a difference in the lives of fellow students from underresourced communities in a developing country as its members (middle school through high school) build friendship with the students while encouraging families and relatives to extend financial assistance to the students and their school. We can achieve this by partnering with Balete Family Farm School (BFFS), the first girls’ high school in the Philippines with a monthly learning cycle that includes classroom lessons for three weeks and hands-on farm/enterprise for one week (BFFS has an affiliate school for the boys). All donations are sent directly to the school. Last month, BFFS received $535 in donations with the help of YOI members who were able to generate support from their families.

Balete Family Farm School Philippines. “Grateful for the generosity & friendship of our fellow students across the globe.”

YOI holds monthly assemblies among the members and BFFS students that feature games, team projects, and “TED Talk” series on life skills. Through this, YOI hopes to create a meaningful opportunity for BFFS students to persevere in their studies, gain new friends and learn to express their voices. The club held its first meeting last month that featured a get-to-know-you game and team project. The winning team for the monthly team project earns points that can be accumulated to redeem for prizes during the annual conference in May 2022.

For more information, go to https://youngobservers.com.

After gaining major attraction through TikTok reviews, South Korea’s latest series “Squid Game” now stands as one of the biggest shows in Netflix’s history. With a thriller plot centered around a violent survival game, this K-drama addresses the dangers of capitalism and socio-economic inequality. This unique and controversial take on class and wealth makes it easily one of the most acclaimed shows of the year, and with Halloween just around the corner, fans are showing their support by recreating outfits featured on the series. From the list of Squid Game-inspired costumes to choose from, the player uniforms have been especially popular among fans.

These green tracksuits have been major hits within online shopping platforms such as Amazon, while footwear manufacturer Vans noted a nearly 7,800% increase in sales of their white slip-ons since the premiere of the show. This year’s mix of eager Squid Game enthusiasts and avid Halloween participants might result in the craziest trend yet.

Source: www.vox.com/22704474/squid-game-games-korean-references-symbols.

Meet the adorable Liberty. Look at those doll-like eyes. Liberty is a former stray who was found on the streets of Santa Ana. While living as a stray, she suffered an unfortunately horrible injury to her rear right leg. When OC Animal Care examined Liberty’s sickening pain, they determined that her leg would have to be amputated. After the crucial surgery, the OC staff resolutely encouraged shy Liberty out of her shell. Liberty is now fully healed and is anxiously awaiting the next person who will help write the next chapter of her life. Liberty dreams of a compassionate owner, someone who will understand her tribulations and who will be patient with Liberty. Could that be you?

To arrange a meeting with Liberty, call OC Animal Care at (714) 935-6848 ANIMAL ID: A1735004.

Pets’ Blessing at the St. Mary’s Catholic Church: Hundreds of pet owners brought their pets to the St. Mary’s Catholic Church in downtown Fullerton for blessing by Fr. David Otto during the feast of St. Francis of Assisi, patron saint of pets, on October 4.

For the past ten years on Halloween night, crowds gather at dusk around one specific house in the Golden Hills district, near Malvern Street, around downtown Fullerton. An elaborate set design stands at the Hufferd’s home, ready for a theater use. Every year, Joe and Gabrielle Hufferd, with their friends the Newells, plan and perform an amazing, kid-friendly production right outside their residence. Their first was a Western theme, but past plays have been Wizard of Oz, Harry Potter, Peter Pan, and even Star Wars.

This annual event began due to their interest in theater as well as their wish to support the creative Halloween decorations set in their friendly neighborhood. Joe Hufferd, a drama teacher, and Brian Newell, owner of the Maverick theater, and their families invest up to 72 hours into the preparation in each show. Over the years approximately 25 people have joined the crew, including high school students who serve as actors. The audience has also grown over a thousand people due to its entertainment. The theme of the show is always a secret surprise to delight crowds. Come out on October 31st for the big reveal!