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WTLC re-opens its doors

Long a hidden resource in Fullerton, the Woman’s Transitional Living Center (WTLC) recently re-opened their doors to the public. Beginning in 1976, a converted hospital across the street from Rutabegorz restaurant on Pomona provided a secure shelter for battered women and their children. In 2004, it became evident that the issue of human trafficking had become a major issue in Orange County so WTLC extended their services by providing a safe shelter environment for survivors of ‘the life’ as it is called.

Recently remodeled interior of WTLC meeting room.

Working with County-wide police departments and the Orange County Human Trafficking Task Force, they were able to meet the needs of both groups of survivors and their children. WLTC quickly expanded their capacity by providing a comprehensive residential program, supportive services, a 24-7 Helpline, and a community education program.

With the addition of the Chief Executive Officer, Mark Lee, WTLC is embarking on a three year expansion plan. The once hidden facility has undergone a major renovation and what used to be rooms for sheltering families have been converted into various service related rooms employing comfortable colors of light grays, blues, white and yellows, and soft background music. The shelter population of individuals and families has been disbursed into eleven alternate secure sites. The converted facility now offers legal services that include support in obtaining restraining orders, issues related to custody, child support, and visitation. They also provide moral support by accompaniment to court procedures. Immigration services and information regarding victim’s rights, and referrals to non-profit legal providers.

The converted facility has interview, counseling, and conference rooms. There is a group therapy room for courtordered family sessions, and a supervised family visitation room, a teen oriented room with computers, a sensory room and a therapy art room, a children’s play room, and an enclosed sandcovered play area with slides and outdoor exercise equipment.

In some cases, an individual’s only comfortable relationship is with their dog. In many cases homeless individuals will refuse an offer of a shelter because they are unable to keep their pet. WTLC recognized this barrier and has arrangements to accommodate a dog under these conditions.

The facility is now open to all seeking assistance by offering services such as crisis intervention, safety planning, case management, and individual, group and family counseling designed to help stabilize the individual’s immediate need as well as support long-term goal planning.

Contact information is (714) 992-1939, www.WTLC.org, info@WTLC.org or the 24/7 Hotline (877) 531-5522.

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  1. Love the wild green parrots! The uninhibited loud screeching announcing their arrival is a beautiful sound to me. It reminds me of their endurance, survival skills, and exuberance.For me it is the sound of hope for the future. Who cares where they came from? They remind us as humans to honor and enjoy our neighborhood animal populations.