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Whitaker meets with residents in parking lot on last night as Mayor

Last night Mayor Bruce Whitaker spoke to about 50 Fullerton residents from mostly District 1 and District 2 who had gathered under the lights shining down on the empty parking stalls in front of the boarded-up CVS at Euclid and Rosecrans. The Mayor was late, having stopped to speak to the remaining businesses in the shopping center, which ranged from a large spa to a veterinarian of 40 years. But the audience was patient, hoping to hear that the Mayor would stop or at least stall the demolition of the retail spaces slated to be replaced by the housing project, The Pines at Sunrise Village.

Bruce Whitaker speaks with residents and business owners at the Sunrise Village shopping center. Photo by Jere Greene.

Tonight at the December 7 City Council meeting, the Council will consider approval of a Mitigated Negative Declaration for environmental impacts, re-zoning, and a General Plan revision to change the property from commercial to residential, including an amendment to the in-fill zoning being applied to allow for three stories, a development agreement, a tentative tract map, and a major site plan to facilitate building 49 detached single-family homes and 115 town homes in place of the existing shopping center.

At this meeting, the City Council will also be rotating the position of Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem. Whitaker told the audience he expects Pro Tem Nick Dunlap will be taking his place as Mayor before the project’s public hearing and Dunlap needs to be responsive to residents.

Whitaker said that the project probably already has “two automatic votes” based on “misinformation” from staff, but he “will do everything [he] can to make sure Council makes a decision based on facts.” The shopping center had been described as derelict and under-performing, but Whitaker said the businesses are “self-sustaining” and the new property owner should not be “turning the thumb screws” to push the businesses out.

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  1. A MND? Seriously? Who’s in charge up there? Fullerton is losing its commercial and office-professional uses at an alarming rate. Which seem all good to your professional “planners.”

    • Mayor Whitaker, I have been calling the city for help and I also sent you an email. The Red Cross from this center is supposedly being evicted and now taking our space at the Fullerton Metro Center on Orangethrope and Harbor. Our new owners who just purchased the Fullerton Metro Center, Kite Realty, is kicking us out after 30 years of being in business. We need help NOW. We have 20 employees some who have been with us over 20 years. No notice. Out by 12/31/21 or else threatening me with a UD lawsuit. We have 5,400 sqft space, 1/2 with retail products that I am forced to sell in less than a month. We’re all devastated and working under this type of duress with no hope as these giant corporations have come into our city and is taking over and you are allowing this to happen. No wonder I haven’t heard from you. This is not right. Commercial landlords have too much rights. Who are your “planners”?

      I will be at the next meeting. I would have sure liked to have seen you on this night.