FSD Teacher of the Year

Veronica Krause, a 3rd grade teacher at Maple School was awarded the Region 11 California League of Schools Elementary Teacher of the Year. Krause was nominated for her devotion and dedication to her students and her ability to make a difference.

This award is granted to a teacher who exemplifies educational excellence and has made significant efforts to implement elements of educational reform. As the nominee selected to represent Region 11, which includes Los Angeles and Orange Counties, Krause will subsequently be honored at the California League of Schools Teaching with Technology Conferences to be held in Monterey, California in March. At this conference, Krause will be competing for the California League of Schools Educator of the Year.

When asked about Mr. Krause, the Principal at Maple School, Anthony Abney lit up and responded, “Ms. Krause makes magic happen in her classroom! All of her students love her, because she makes learning fun and engaging. When students enter her classroom, they are greeted by a warm, caring teacher who gives each of them exactly what they need that day.”

Veronica Krause with her students. Photo by Anthony Abney.