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Join Virtual Discussion on COVID-19 Testing

As the Omicron surge has started to crest, confusion about COVID-19 testing remains. When getting tested, many people have questions about the types of tests available, how they work, and their accuracy. Residents are invited to join the Legislative Vaccine Work Group for a virtual discussion about testing on Wednesday, February 9 from 5:30 to 6:30pm.

The discussion will include experts in infectious disease, public health, and testing who can answer your questions about:

• Who should be tested and why

• Different types of testing

• Current testing trends

• Supply chain disruptions

• The broader role of testing as the pandemic becomes endemic

Submit your questions & RSVP for this event HERE.

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  1. “Experts” are not credible any more , we are done. Go home and take your inaccurate tests with you.