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City to Host Final Redistricting Workshop February 10

The city of Fullerton is inviting the public to participate in its final redistricting community workshop on Thursday, February 10 at 6pm on Zoom. This is a chance for the public to give their input on City Council district boundaries. The public may provide a description of their neighborhood to the demographer to include in the draft district maps.

Residents are encouraged to create their own maps and to define the boundaries of their neighborhoods.

The Zoom meeting will include an explanation of the City Council redistricting process and a how-to on using the four different mapping tools, and allow time to ask questions and give input.

Visit www.zoom.us/join or call 1-669-900-9128

Meeting ID 83834958455

February 10 is also the last day for the public to submit maps to be considered by the Redistricting Advisory Commission (RAC). The mapping tools are available here: https://www.cityoffullerton.com/government/departments/city-clerk/redistrict-fullerton/draw-a-map.

The RAC will meet on February 23 to recommend draft maps to the City Council.

Learn more at cityoffullerton.com/government/departments/city-clerk/redistrict-fullerton.

If you cannot attend the workshop, you may provide input to be considered in the draft maps. Send an email to districtelections@cityoffullerton.com.

Describe In the email the boundaries of your neighborhood using street names, landmarks, and other descriptive features. Then describe your community. Talk about similarities such as economics, age of and type of housing, policies and issues that impact the residents, or any other features that define your community.

View past presentation materials at https://docs.cityoffullerton.com/WebLink/1/fol/1499077/Row1.aspx.