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‘Observing Fullerton’ Podcast: Interview with Dr. Michelle Gottlieb

“Observing Fullerton” interviewed Dr. Michelle Gottlieb to discuss how the pandemic has affected mental health and communication. Dr. Gottlieb gave advice about healthy coping methods to deal with the uncertainties of our time. You can listen to our full interview on Spotify and SoundCloud. Follow our RSS feed HERE.

Adrian Meza (podcast editor), Dr. Michelle Gottlieb, and Urooj Naveed (podcast host).

Dr. Gottlieb graduated from Arizona State University in 1988 with her Master of Counseling degree. Dr. Gottlieb got her doctorate in 2004 and has been doing therapy for over 30 years. She has been located in Fullerton since 1991 and teaches graduate students how to do therapy at Cal State Fullerton’s Counseling Department. Dr. Gottlieb specializes in chronic pain, chronic illness, complex trauma. She is an EMDR trainer and owns a training company along with her partner. For more information, visit: http://www.michellegottlieb.com.

Our podcast includes headlines concerning the latest happenings in Fullerton followed by an interview with a local person doing prominent work in the community, ranging from the arenas of politics to education to small businesses to art and more.

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  1. I wish there was a tab on the Observer Homepage that would take you directly to the podcast – it’s great!