Art Walk Lives on at Fullerton Museum Center

After a difficult couple of years during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Fullerton Museum Center (FMC) is helping keep the arts alive in Fullerton through its art exhibits and monthly Art Walk events, which feature live poetry and music.

Art Walk at FMC takes place on the first Friday of every month. The galleries are open from 6 to 10pm with free admission. In addition to the exhibits, visitors can also listen to and participate in “Light the Mic” live music and poetry performances from 7 to 9:30pm in the Museum’s historic auditorium.

On Friday evening, March 4, visitors were invited to enjoy the Museum’s current exhibit, “José Guadalupe Posada: The Iconic Printmaker and his Legacy in Popular Culture” as well as live poetry performances by Felicia Taylor E and Juanita Zavaleta, to kick off Women’s History Month.

Felicia Taylor E reads her poetry. Photo by Jesse La Tour.

Felicia Taylor E read from her recently-published book Southern Spiced: A Brown Girl’s Tale, a mini memoir that shares stories about her life growing up in the 1970s South. Her powerful reading focused on family history, food, community, and dealing with her experiences of racism.

Juanita Zavaleta is a first-generation Mexican American writer and poet. Her poetry reading featured reflections on her complex relationships with her mother and grandmother, two strong women who impacted her life.

The “Light the Mic” event was hosted by musician Shanelle Darlene and poet Guido Mendoza, who also shared their works. The event also featured an “open mic” component, in which visitors were encouraged to share their own poetry and music, and many did. There was a guitar trio, a ukulele performance, and more.

A ukulele performance. Photo by Jesse La Tour.

Many artists have found new inspiration during the pandemic, and this was on full display at the FMC.

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