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City Council to Select final District map March 8

The Fullerton City Council will hold the third of four public hearings to receive public input on the boundaries and draft maps for City Council Elections for the next 10 years at a Special City Council Meeting on March 8 at 6:30pm in the City Council Chamber at 303 West Commonwealth Ave.

The City Council will review what the demographer refers to as “focus” maps 111, 112, and 114 that were selected from a pool of 14 maps considered by the Redistricting Advisory Commission (RAC) at the second public hearing on February 23. After conducting the public hearing Tuesday night, the Council will select a map to be approved at the fourth public hearing scheduled for March 29.

The agenda item’s attachment 5 includes all draft maps submitted by the public and the demographer. Two of the three focus maps were maps created by the demographer based on maps submitted by the community. Map 114 is based on draft map 106 submitted by RAC member John Seminara, and Map 112 is based on draft map 110 submitted by the Fullerton Redistricting Coalition.

The public may participate in the public hearing in the Council chamber, or virtually by Zoom, or by phone 1-669-900-9128 using meeting ID 978 4219 1797. The meeting will be streamed live online at https://fullerton.legistar.com, on Spectrum Cable Channel 3, and on AT&T U-Verse Chanel 99.

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  1. 114 is the only one that makes sense and follows the law. 112 is some kind of joke..