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The Downtown Report: Mid-March Edition

When the “Renaissance” of our downtown began, spurred on by the 1987 Whittier Narrows earthquake that threatened to cause many of our buildings to be red tagged, some buildings that sat untouched for decades suddenly had new life. Coats of paint, new signage, window treatments all the way to complete remodels took place as earthquake retrofits were mandated and a sleepy and tired downtown sprang back to life. It has been some time since that all happened, and some new rehab and beautification is now taking place on one of our main intersections.

The renderings below show what the northeast corner of Harbor and Commonwealth will look like after the major renovations are complete. “We’re investing in the community for generations to come,” said Mario Marovic, who purchased the buildings in 2017.

You may have noticed the reclaimed brick façade and architectural wood paneling, but now you can see much more of what is planned. A cantilevered iron pedestrian canopy, new paint and awnings, new windows and storefronts, an outdoor dining patio near the parking lot behind the buildings, and additional projects are scheduled. All are expected to be completed by mid 2022.

More Baseball

The Major League lockout has been settled, but the delay continues as Spring Training is now taking place. While waiting for opening day, many are watching college baseball on sports networks. We will have interior photos soon, but the $15.1 million project to upgrade the Cal State Fullerton baseball and softball clubhouses at Goodwin Field has not been signed off, so for now, some exterior shots will do. See below.

Augie Garrido

This imposing statue graces the entrance now, and you can see by the stats why the former Titans baseball coach is being honored. Our Titans can compete with the best baseball programs in the country due in large part to what Augie was able to do in his many years here. Our softball teams also compete at the highest level and will now have one of the best clubhouses on the west coast.

If you ever attended a game before Goodwin Field was built, you know how much the program grew under Augie’s leadership, so this local icon will be remembered for a very long time, reminding all Titan fans just how the team gained national acclaim. The workers out front said the project is virtually complete and should be signed off for use within the next couple of weeks. In addition, the Wilson Clubhouse has also been upgraded and we will head back soon to capture images of the locker rooms, offices, conference room, study, and food areas.

Library Storytime

Have kids 3 to 6 years old? Preschool Storytime is back Thursdays at 11:15am. Share stories, songs, and have fun. No registration required, and it’s FREE. Go to www.fullertonlibrary.org or call (714) 738-6338 for more info.

Downtown Market

The oh-so-popular market returns on Thursday, April 7 at 4:30 in our Downtown Plaza. Farmer’s Market, craft and food vendors, live music, wine and beer garden and of course, lots of Fullerton friends to spend a great time with. See you there.

In a related good news happening, Art Walk at our Museum Center is on the first Friday of the month from 6 to 10pm with live music from 7 to 9:30pm and yes, it is FREE. The Gift Shop will be open and of course, you, your family, and friends will be there as well.

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  1. I love that outdoor patio style it reminds me of being in Europe/Spain ….and a lot of other countries..

    • Hi Annette- do you feel the same knowing that patio once was a public sidewalk 12’ wide and belonged to all the residents of Fullerton?

      Do you still feel the same knowing that a man who ran the redevelopment agency for the city of Fullerton named F. Paul Dudley cooked up a very crooked deal with Joe Florentine and basically gave him private use of public sidewalk then promptly retired. The patio encroachment deal with the city states that when/if Florentine’s ever vacated, he had to make the sidewalk whole again- per the agreement with the city. Mario Marovic thinks he’s entitled to this patio just because he bought the building, but residents and city council may have a say otherwise.

  2. Mario needs to relinquish the stolen sidewalk. It belongs to the public.

  3. This is news, facts, and I don’t interpret them but of course I knew this would be a reply, we shall see

  4. It seems as though these renderings include the patio encroachment which was for intended for Florentine’s use only; once he vacated, he had to restore the public sidewalk back to its original width of 12 feet. I Understand city council may soon have a say in whether that patio stays or the sidewalk gets restored. What do you think Mike Ritto? Should the sidewalk be restored since Florentine is gone? Wasn’t it for his exclusive use only?

    This is an obvious sore spot for many in Fullerton, so thanks for your input.

    • It’s a sore spot for some of us who don’t even live in Fullerton anymore. That scam was an outright theft of public property that still needs to be rectified.

  5. I always love the “Downtown Report”. It’s always great to see Fullerton working so hard to keep their community moving forward. Thank you Mr. Ritto!