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‘Observing Fullerton’ podcast Episode #5: City Council Happenings

For the latest episode of the “Observing Fullerton” podcast Fullerton Observer editor Jesse La Tour and “Observing Fullerton” editor Adrian Meza talk about recent City Council happenings such as budget cuts, changes to fire command, redistricting, outsourcing city centers, and housing in Fullerton. Listen to the latest episode on SoundCloudSpotifyRSS, or watch the interview on YouTube.

Fullerton Observer editor Jesse La Tour and “Observing Fullerton” podcast editor Adrian Meza.

Music was provided by Billy Yeager from Pacific Grove, if you would like to submit your own music, please submit your music to contact@fullertonobserver.com.

The “Observing Fullerton” podcast features headlines concerning the latest happenings in Fullerton followed by an interview/conversation on topics ranging from politics to education to small businesses to art and more. Urooj Naveed is the host and Adrian Meza is the editor.


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  1. Wow – love the audio and visual versions of the new Observing Fullerton podcast with Urooj and Adrian. This week’s one featured great informative “state of the city” discussion between Adrian and Jesse. Really enjoyable way for quick catch-up on what’s happening around town. (BTW – City street sweeping was outsourced years ago)