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Our planet is slowly collapsing right under our noses. With climate change, pollution, and rising sea levels, parts of the environment are becoming unsuitable to support life. Believe it or not, we humans are the main cause of these problems. As our society begins to dive deeper into the Digital Age to become more advanced, our Earth takes massive blows from industrial factories and plastic bottles. However, in recent years many more people have been made aware of the situation and have worked relentlessly to correct and improve our environment. Our national government has put a multitude of laws in place to limit the damage. In fact, there is even a day dedicated to the preservation of the Earth. Every April 22, people around the world celebrate Earth Day by making it a point to protect our wonderful planet.

Before the first official Earth Day in 1970, Americans did not seem to pay much attention to the worsening environment. Vehicles and factories were letting off extreme amounts of pollution without fear of reprimands by the government. In fact, many people considered the smell of gas and smoke in the air as a sign of prosperity.

However, Rachel Carson’s book Silent Spring would change all that. In 1962, her book was published and quickly became a bestseller. It opened the eyes of oblivious people and spread awareness for the growing issue of pollution, which was a good starting point. Eight years later, Wisconsin junior senator Gaylord Nelson had the brilliant idea to have students advocate for a nationwide effort to protect and clean the environment on April 22, a date that fell in between their Spring Break and their final exams for the year. The idea was a success, and the day was officially named Earth Day a year later.

Twenty million Americans banded together to protest and demonstrate the growing issues with our environment. The day brought together many different groups known to oppose each other, such as the two prominent political parties, because it was such an underlying issue that was just now being highlighted by the public. Due to this day, laws were made to help preserve our planet. The day became global in 1990, adding even more contributors and spreading more awareness for these problems. Today, Earth Day is recognized as one of the largest non-religious observances in the world, as it is celebrated by more than one billion people. You can be included in that group as well. Some helpful activities to do on Earth Day (and every other day, for that matter) are going to your local park or school to pick up trash, limit your usage of water, electricity, and gas, and limit as much food waste as possible, just to name a few. It also helps to bring awareness to the situation so that other people can also contribute to the global effort. With your aid, we can make the world a cleaner and more beautiful place.


Meet Darling, an adorable five-year-old Pit Bull. Darling was rescued about a year ago off the streets by the OC Animal Care field team when they got a call about a lonely, nervous stray roaming the streets. Darling may be a little shy at first, but never let that fool you. Once she trusts you, you’re stuck with her for life. With her favorite toys, Darling loves to play tug-of-war and she enjoys pampering herself by wearing her favorite bandanas around her neck. She deeply appreciates any quality time she gets to spend with her human friends. From walks to cuddle time, you’ll never be alone (I told you she’s clingy). Darling is looking for a home where she will be the only pet, the “big enchilada,” the jewel of the household. Visit or call (714)-935-6848 to set up an adoption appointment today. ANIMAL ID #: A1716393

Endangered Animal Trivia

Q: What do Rodrigues Fruit Bats eat?

A: The Rodrigues Fruit Bats eat a diet of nectar and a large variety of juicy fruits such as oranges, watermelon, grapes, pears, and bananas. It lives in Rodrigues, an island in the Indian Ocean belonging to Mauritius. It lives in lowland rain forests. Because of deforestation and natural cyclone disaster (also because of its severe population), these bats are critically endangered. Though they number 20,000 today, they are still at risk because of their extremely limited geographical range. They populate slowly, like most bats, one pup every year. Fun Fact: This species is known for their strong musky smell.

With barely two weeks left until its May 6 premiere, Marvel Studios released its second trailer, ‘Dream,’ of the upcoming film, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Featuring British actor Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange for his second individual movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe [MCU], as well as Elizabeth Olsen as Scarlet Witch, the preview features unsettling images of zombies and hints at Wanda Maximoff’s (Scarlet Witch) potential villain arc. In the anticipated sequel, Strange embarks on a journey through the complicated and infinite dimensions of the MCU’s multiverse, opening a multitude of doors for surprise cameos. While other MCU movie protagonists have yet to be confirmed, some fans have already speculated that the film will feature Tom Hiddleston as Loki and Tom Holland as Peter Parker. With their newest approach toward the parallel universe, Marvel unpacks a load of mysteries and surprises in their long-awaited film.


Easter, an exciting annual event, is originally celebrated by the Christian religion and honors Jesus rising from the dead After Halloween, it is the second biggest holiday that includes candy. 1.9 billion dollars are spent on candy by Americans on this special day, and 70% of the purchased candy is chocolate. 76% of Americans think that a chocolate bunny’s ears should be consumed first, and finally, the first tale of a rabbit, or Easter Bunny, distributing eggs in gardens was first published in 1680.

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Easter Eggs are a huge part of this festival. Children all around the world hunt for hidden eggs that contain little goodies like candy and toys inside. To prepare real eggs with ease, here are two life hacks. A tip on how to separate an egg yolk from the egg whites is to grab an emptied plastic bottle. One should use the bottle to place on the egg yolk, which will suck the yolk up. Next, releasing the yolk is easy. Just lightly squeeze the bottle and the yolk will come out of the bottle. The second tip allows one to peel the shell easily. Simply use a spoon by working the utensil right underneath the eggshell and above the egg to peel your delicacy in just a few seconds.

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  1. Martin – I just listened to the 2014 Ted Talk by Hans Rosling and his son. Very interesting about how our pre-conceived ideas that everything is getting worse – often stoked by sensationalist media – shape what we think about the world. Still, I think we do need to pay attention to what scientists are saying about climate change and how it will affect the world unless we get together and do what is within our power to prevent it. Mateo gives some good examples of how to help by changing personal habits. If we can expand that to a larger scale we can tackle the problem. This has been done in many areas for instance in ridding the world of polio. But, we had to listen to science and doctors and create programs and take the medicine to do that. Change for the better does not happen by itself.

  2. It is amazing that the kids are leading the way to action on the climate disaster we find ourselves and our planet in. It took many of the big mature brains a long time to even believe the science – and some still don’t. The young people like Mateo are inspiring. Keep up the great work!!

  3. Good Afternoon Mateo-

    In the third line of your article you say that the Earth is taking massive blows from plastic bottles. Who told you that? As an eighth-grader you must be about thirteen years old. It will be another thirteen years before your brain is near fully developed at twenty-six (a generally accepted fact) which will allow you to begin making sense of the world around you. I admire your effort at writing an article for a local newspaper. Thousands of thirteen year-olds are playing video games and eating too many Doritos while you are preparing yourself for your future and improving your writing skills. You are far ahead of all of them. Congratulations!

    If you are interested in hearing some good news about life and the people on Earth, find the book Factfulness by Hans Rosling. It will give you some food for thought as you cruise through a few more birthdays.

    Happy Fourteenth, Fifteenth and Sixteenth!

  4. Great work by editor Francine and all the young Observers. Really liked Mateo’s article. These young writers are so perceptive. And Francine does a great job editing the page and writing when she feels there is a topic that needs attention. Really impressive work by all.