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Residents Encouraged to Take Part in Water Conservation Challenge

Fullerton Mayor Fred Jung has joined mayors across the country who are asking residents to make a long-term commitment to reduce pollution and manage water resources more wisely. To participate, residents should go to mywaterpledge.com, and then make a series of online pledges to conserve water on behalf of Fullerton, California. Fullerton is competing against other cities with a similar population.

The annual challenge, April 1-30, is a non-profit national community service campaign that encourages leaders to inspire their residents to make a series of simple pledges on the website [above] to use water more efficiently, reduce pollution, and save energy.

“Water is a vital resource for the long-term sustainability of our community,” Mayor Jung said. “It is important for the future of California’s water resources that all communities, individuals, and organizations strive to reduce indoor and outdoor water use.”

Residents can nominate a deserving charity from their city to receive a 2022 Toyota Highlander Hybrid. Students and teachers are encouraged to take part, as well.

The National Mayor’s Challenge for Water Conservation is presented by the Wyland Foundation, with support from Toyota, the U.S EPA WaterSense, The Toro Company, and the National League of Cities.