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Richman Neighbors Voice Concerns at Community Forum

A Community Forum was hosted by the Center for Healthy Neighborhoods on May 4 at Richman Elementary School. This Forum was to present the results of a recent volunteer survey that was conducted. The sample size included 263 neighbors. Key findings included:

-83% of the Richman community do not feel safe

-Approximately 30% have seen or experienced some type of theft (auto/home/garage)

-48% have seen or experienced crimes related to gang activity

-78% have seen or experienced crimes by the homeless

Click HERE for the full survey results.

Attendees share their neighborhood concerns. Photo by Adrian Meza

The Forum was attended by Councilmembers Ahmed Zahra and Jesus Silva as well as newly-hired City Manager Eric Levitt. After the presentation about the results, attendees asked questions and voiced their concerns about the Richman area.

Comments ranged from concerns over negative or illegal behaviors they have observed while walking at Richman Park to asking how the upcoming HOPE center will help with the homeless situation.

Many questions pertained to what to do when they see activity by the homeless that seems suspicious or illegal.

Jose Arana (Captain, Fullerton PD) responded, “Please call us if you think something seems illegal. If it is not, you will not get in trouble. If you don’t call and say something, then we don’t know what we need to know. (714)-738-6700 is the non-emergency number for the Fullerton Police Department.

Volunteers shared the results of the community survey at Richman Elementary School. Photo by Adrian Meza

Dr. Jessie Jones (Director of the Center for Healthy Neighborhoods) said, “The police force has lost 1/3 of their staff…they are working overtime, are stressed.” She asked for people to show up to the City Council Meetings to try and stop further budget cuts from police and other departments.

Councilmembers Zahra and Silva also encouraged residents to attend council meetings and voice their concerns regarding budget priorities.

Council is expected to vote on the 2022/23 budget at their June 7 meeting. Council meets at 5:30pm at City Hall (303 W. Commonwealth Ave.). Residents may attend in person or via Zoom. To see a calender of upcoming meetings visit https://fullerton.legistar.com/Calendar.aspx.