The Downtown Report: Early June Edition

Day of Music

The Fullerton version of Day of Music began in 2014 and evolved into one the most popular sites for the worldwide event over the next few years. A parade, crowning of Day of Music Queen Phyllis Fender, a radio show, a packed plaza with our local favorite band Lit lighting up the Downtown Plaza stage, musicians playing music of every conceivable genre and thousands of revelers all over Fullerton made the Summer Solstice event a huge success. COVID put an end to that as well as many other events that we all looked forward to every year. Some have made their return, and you can once again celebrate music in Fullerton on the first day of Summer, Wednesday, June 21. We have not organized a citywide event with hundreds of locations, but thanks to support from our City Council, which voted to allow it to take place at the downtown Fullerton Downtown Plaza, there will be a number of musical performances and a beer and wine garden. Plans are still in the works, but we will keep you informed, so stay tuned for details and a list of performers. There will also be stages at the Bootleggers tasting room, Black Hole Records, and other locations. You are all encouraged to participate, so if you can, invite friends over that day and crank up the instruments…..Day of Music, part of Fullerton’s musical heritage, is back.

Day of Music Queen Phyllis Fender.

More Art

You may have seen the photo and heard mention of the fundraiser on the front page of our last issue and here are just a few of the amazing works of art to show you just why so much money was raised for the All The Arts for All the Kids Foundation. Without organizations like this and the volunteers who give of their time and expertise, our kids would likely miss out on valuable experiences in the arts. So, we thank you and of course, all the artists themselves.

Mosaic art by Lisa Mullin.

Art by Matthew Simon.

3D art by Lauren Valentine.

Downtown Oddities

Friday the 13th seemed to produce some oddities instead of bad luck. This duck was spotted at the Hillcrest Park Duck Pond. Onlookers thought that might be a map or a hostage note but no, just two mysteriously scribbled sheets of paper adding to the intrigue.

Soon after the 13th, a full lunar eclipse was seen in the convergence of a remnant from the past and the present/future. Nobody has explained how it was not cloudy that night.

Down the street, displays similar to this one appeared on the lawn at Fullerton High School. Still looking for final answers on that one although the word is some Honors Biology students were demonstrating the natural selection of Bowerbirds who use blue items to attract mates. Yet some think it must have been the work of aliens or fairies.

A bright blue light appeared in the clock tower at the Fullerton Police Department. Anyone with clues or answers is welcome to drop us a line.

May Means Majesty

Recently heard: “There used to be a lot of Jacaranda trees in Fullerton.” Now that most are blooming, everyone will realize they are still here, there, and everywhere. This one downtown on West Wilshire is one of the older ones and it is nearing full bloom right now. The Jacaranda is our official city tree and it’s always a real treat to bike, walk or drive down some of our streets that are fully lined with them. What is your favorite Jacaranda neighborhood?

Photo Quiz

Where will you spot these two? Hint: Bookish. Send answer to Mike at

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