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Ray’s Hope: Student Volunteering

Founder Rayanna Northgrave and her twin sister Abrielle Northgrave celebrated two years of Ray’s Hope this March, a local nonprofit that seeks to bring essential services to low-income members in our community.

Student volunteers pose with homemade meals.

The organization, which focuses mainly on hot meals and food drives, has an ambitious mission of bringing students in the Fullerton School District a viable philanthropic opportunity that is both rewarding and feasible for student schedules. A Fullerton High School student athlete herself, Rayanna has partnered alongside her school’s NHS program and some family to cook and donate over a hundred hot meals last fall.

More recently, Ray’s Hope has branched out to provide service opportunities to students at Fairmont Prep. The sisters hope to continue expanding their organization to provide accredited service hours to other schools and organizations in this City, including Love Fullerton.

Rayanna & Abrielle Northgrave making lasagna for Ray’s Hope.

For more information about Ray’s Hope, visit www.rays-hope.org or follow them on Instagram @rays_hope_org.

Ray’s Hope is under the Applause Foundation for the Performing Arts started by Jolene Grinstead, grandma to Rayanna & Abrielle. EIN: 95-4644779.