‘Observing Fullerton’ Episode #14: Fullerton College Transfer Trends

In the fourteenth episode of the “Observing Fullerton” podcast, host Urooj Naveed interviews Cecilia Arriaza, director of the Fullerton College Transfer Center, who has been at FC for 10 years. She discusses how the college has been affected by the pandemic, how low enrollment affected transfer rates, and what the college has been doing to assist students seeking to transfer to universities.

Host Urooj Naveed interviews Cecilia Arriaza.

The Fullerton College Transfer Center’s goal is “to increase awareness of transfer among Fullerton College students, faculty, and staff; provide support for students in the preparation, application, and transition stages of the transfer process; and enhance opportunities for transfer by collaborating with universities.”

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This episode was hosted by Urooj Naveed and Adrian Meza and edited by Adrian Meza and Jackson Henry.