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Local Horse Riders Compete at Gymkhana

Spirits were high as many gathered on Saturday, June 4 morning to participate in a timed obstacle race on horseback called Gymkhana. Taking place at Laguna Lake Park, Gymkhana is an event held by the Fullerton Recreational Riders where participants compete utilizing both the skills of the rider and handiness of the horse.

Photo by Esther Kim.

Although the club was established 25 years ago, the Fullerton Recreational Riders have been around since 1961, making it over 60 years old.

The horses involved in this sport have many components to their physical abilities such as the speed of a racehorse and the responsiveness of a stock horse. These components of the horse are what add to the magnificence and elegance that the horses contribute towards the game.

“The horses and the athletes spend several hours a week training,” Show Chairman Laurie Dye said.

Photo by Esther Kim.

Dye emphasized the importance of this team sport between the horse and athlete including the dedication and work each put in to stay in shape for the competition. Through the month of March until September, a show is held on the second Saturday of each month and is both free and available to anyone who wishes to come.

Here are the June 4 Champions & Reserve Champions:

Division 4 Champion – Charlie Flores, Knight

Division 4 Reserve – Addyson Ormonde, Lacy

Division 5 Champion – Randi Andrade, Lakota

Division 5 Reserve – Lexi Moore, Trigger

Division 6 Champion – Quinn Wood, Dakota

Division 6 Reserve – Avery Yerkish, Reno

Division 7 Jr Champion – Charlie Flores, Indio

Division 7 Jr Reserve – Mika Rowe, Keeper

Division 7 Sr Champion – Maddie Critchfield, Cruz

Division 7 Sr Reserve – Olivia Beym, Indio

Open Champion – Tallulah DePersis, Ruby

Open Reserve – Mika Rowe, Fancy

Lead Line Champion – Rylee Tremper, Cardi

Lead Line Reserve – Harper Spence, Oakley

For more information on the show, visit http://fullertonrecriders.org/gymkhana-news/.