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Protests for Reproductive Rights Continue in Fullerton

Following the Supreme Court’s decision on June 24 to overturn Roe v. Wade, hundreds gathered in downtown Fullerton to join a nationwide protest. These rallys and protests continued on Friday, July 1. Protestors gathered at the intersection of Harbor Blvd and Commonwealth and marched through Downtown Fullerton.

Protestors march down Harbor Blvd. in Downtown Fullerton. Photo by Gaston Castellanos.

Protestors rally for abortion rights across Harbor Blvd in Downtown Fullerton. Photo by Gaston Castellanos.

Rally for reproductive rights in Downtown Fullerton. Photo by Gaston Castellanos.

The protest was organized by the Orange County chapter of RiseUp4AbortionRights. The organization is demanded that “the federal government reinstate nationwide legal abortion now.”

Some performed street theater in the form of a “die-in” representing those who could die from unsafe abortions.

Protestors perform street theater on Wilshire Ave. in downtown Fullerton on July 1.

Another pro-abortion/pro-choice protest is planned for July 16 at 2pm at Fullerton City Hall, organized by Melanated Youth, a BI&POC (Black, Indigenous, & People of Color) youth-led coalition dedicated to mobilizing youth voices to fight against systematic oppression against marginalized identities.

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