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Fireworks May be Cause of Fullerton House Fire

A fire at 1025 Crestview Drive was reported at 11:17pm on the Fourth of July. Fullerton Fire units arrived and found a fully involved garage fire extending into the attic of the residence. 

Fullerton Fire was assisted by Anaheim, LA County, and Newport Beach Fire Departments in putting out the fire. Shortly after arrival, the fire was under control. No injuries were reported to the occupants of the residence or Fire Department personnel. The estimated fire loss is approximately $250,000.

“The cause of the fire is currently under investigation and fireworks is one of the causes of the fire that still needs to be ruled out by the investigators,” Deputy Chief Jon Fugitt told The Observer.

According to Fugitt, on July 4th the fire department had nine possible fires related to fireworks.

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  1. We saw a slight improvement this year. Fewer mortar-like explosions, and things seemed to wrap up around 11:30 p.m. Still… it is a harrowing time for our dog and so many other pets, not to mention veterans, those with PTSD, certain autistic people with extreme sensitivity to noise, etc. And we’re in a drought. Illegal fireworks are an impossible job for police, but there’s got to be a way to increase presence.

  2. The likelihood that fireworks caused the fire is 100%. The downside of fireworks is substantial. This is an extreme example but just one of the dozen disadvantages among which are all the people and animals terrorized by the noise, smoke and seemingly endless “bombing” sounds that occur well before the 4th and peak on that day. We do not need this given the drought, lack of fire personnel, etc. This family will be dealing with the effect of fireworks for the rest of their lives.

  3. In years 2018 to 2021 in our neighborhood fireworks started the week before and went on the week after. It was like a war zone with so much smoke you could barely see 10 feet. Super noisy and scary bombs and lots of casings and debris to clean up.

    This year was a huge improvement in our downtown neighborhood – though we did see one giant display of the kind that burst high in the air that went off for about twenty minutes and there were some bomb and machine gun types. Most seemed to go off between sundown and 11pm.
    Before 2017/2018 – when it started getting bad – our whole neighborhood would bring chairs out to the front lawns and watch the city’s annual display.

  4. If you walk a block on the fourth in any direction you will directly observe Fullerton residents openly setting off illegal fireworks. No one is even trying to hide it.

    Sure looks like FPD LEOs are deliberately choosing not to enforce the law.