Artist Panel Discusses Wearable Art

Renowned gallerist and wearable art visionary Lisa M. Berman invited award-winning artists to an in-person artist pop-up sale and panel to discuss their creative work at the Muckenthaler Cultural Center on July 16. The stellar cast of panelists included 2Roses (husband and wife Corliss and John Lemieux Rose), Teri Brudnak, Swinda Reichelt, Greg Orloff, Emma Trask, and Sherri Madison.

Left to right: Marsha Judd, Artists Corliss and John Lemieux Rose, Teri Brudnak, Lisa M. Berman holding a cake purse created by Sherri Maddison (who is not in photo), Greg Orloff, and Swinda Reichelt.

Wearable art is a term often used to describe accessories and clothing designed and individually made by hand to express its creator’s unique aesthetics and to make an artistic statement.

Wearable art by Emma Trask, founder of The Chrysalis Lab and stylist to Carrie Underwood, for 20 years. Photo courtesy of Lisa M. Berman.

The pop-up sale featured work by Teri Brudnak, Bridget Parlato, The Vigneri’s, Marc Cohen, 2Roses, Greg Orloff, Swinda Reichelt, Sherri Madison -The Cardboard Queen (HBO show), and Emma Trask, founder of Chrysalis Lab (stylist to Carrie Underwood). Painter Deborah Paswaters’ Gorgeous Goddess diptych painting was also on view and for sale.

Sherri Madison (The Cardboard Queen) shared fantastic cardboard purses that were completely functional as well as a trick on the eye. Photo courtesy of Lisa M. Berman.

Each artist wants to communicate to us through the creativity in their artwork. There is more than meets the eye. Letting us go on the journey with them is a gift of storytelling at its finest. When you lay your eyes on such beautiful craftsmanship, it’s inspiring. Wearable art is moveable art. It’s walkable art. It’s living and breathing art. It’s powerful. It’s timeless. It draws attention to itself, and we gravitate toward it.

Cardboard wings by Sherri Madison were amazing with high craftmanship and intricate details. Photo courtesy of Lisa M. Berman.

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