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Neighbors Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

Local nonprofit Solidarity’s neighborhood initiative “Mamas De Maple” aims to foster unity within the community by creating spaces for women of all ages in the neighborhood to learn new things with and from one another. September 15 marked the start of Hispanic Heritage month and at the Solidarity Community Center the month kicked off with expressive dancing, a variety of traditional Hispanic foods, and of course the Maple community.

Photo by Adrian Meza.

The moms of Maple created a beautiful event for the neighborhood, family, and friends to celebrate. The Mama’s De Maple group spent months rehearsing three different dances for this event, each dance originating from a different state in Mexico (Oaxaca, Tabasco, Yucatan). The dances were preformed in different folklorico dresses.

Photo by Adrian Meza.

After the dances the community enjoyed a wide array of foods that the surrounding neighbors brought. Some foods reminded them of their Hispanic past, and some they just love to make.

Representative Young Kim’s team recognized the 10 mothers for their service to the community.

Even though this was an event celebrating Hispanic heritage, Solidarity is open to all.

Gisselle Monterrosas, the MC of the event said, “Not only is it [the event] to celebrate Hispanic heritage we also like to appreciate the different cultures around here, because at Solidarity there are Asian and Middle Eastern communities and we like to recognize that and appreciate the cultural diversity”

To learn more visit https://www.solidaritynpo.org.