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Observing Fullerton Podcast S2 E1: Paloma Foster, Fullerton College Student Trustee

The Observing Fullerton podcast is back after a well-deserved break! For our first episode of this season, we interviewed Paloma Foster, the Fullerton College Student Trustee on the North Orange County Community College Board. She won her elected seat as a write-in candidate and was awarded the Minerva Scholarship.

Paloma speaks about her day-to-day life as a Trustee, what inspires her, and her experiences as a former foster youth. She has an optimistic view of how her difficult experiences made her the strong person she is today. Paloma hopes to transfer to UC Berkeley to complete her college education.

“You constantly have to look for the silver linings, they might not be apparent, but looking back everything that has happened has only been a lesson learned and now I can use my experience to help others” – Paloma Foster

Show Host: Urooj Naveed

Video Editor: Adrian Meza

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  1. How about a real interview with the evil millionaire developer Tony Bushala instead of the usual Kennedy nastiness? No, that wouldn’t fit the program, would it?