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Annual Subscription Drive for the Observer

October is the month the Observer asks you to subscribe, resubscribe, or purchase a gift subscription. We now offer digital subscriptions as well. Yes, the paper and digital versions are still free to pick up, but your subscription helps us budget for printing, distribution, and shipping costs. This year is especially important because the cost of printing and shipping has gone up several times.

Subscriptions are $39 per year for 21 issues. The paper version is mailed directly to you through the US postal service. The digital version (now partly in color) can be accessed at: www.fullertonobserver.com.

A convenient pay portal is online at the above website under SUBSCRIPTION or you can send a check to: Fullerton Observer, PO Box 7051, Fullerton, CA 92834.

The Fullerton Observer community newspaper, founded in 1978, is staffed by local volunteers who create, publish, and distribute the paper throughout our community and online.

This is a not-for-profit venture. Revenues are plowed back into maintaining and improving our independent, non-partisan, non-sectarian community newspaper. The purpose is to inform Fullerton residents about the institutions and other societal forces which most impact their lives, so that they may be empowered to participate in constructive ways to keep and make these private and public entities serve all residents in lawful, open, just, and socially-responsible ways. Through extensive coverage, the Observer writers seek to promote a sense of community and an appreciation for the values of diversity with which our country is so uniquely blessed.

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