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Community Leaders Honored

In 2018, the center for healthy neighborhoods staff launched the Community Building Initiative (CBI) project, funded by the St. Joseph Community Partnership Fund. The goal was to create and empower community leaders who could identify and address resident concerns and challenges in South Fullerton to create a safe, thriving community.

In the four years since this initiative was launched, the group has helped families during the COVID-19 pandemic via food assistance, helped sign up residents for rent relief programs, surveyed the Richman area to identify resident issues, worked with the Fullerton Police Department and Fullerton School District to promote school safety, increase census participation to a record high, and partnered with the Fullerton Observer to hold a community forum.

These resident leaders were awarded with certificates of appreciation for the many hours of volunteer service that they do at a special awards ceremony on September 16 at the Fullerton Community Center.

Egleth Nuncci, Dr. Jessie Jones, and State Assemblymember Sharon Quirk-Silva. Photo be Adrian Meza.

The event started with Dr. Jessie Jones the executive director for the Center for Healthy Neighborhoods praising the hard work and dedication that these self-sacrificing leaders go through. She ended it with an award to “an amazing leaders of leaders,” Egleth Nuncci.

Nuncci then handed out certificates of appreciation to the 30 leaders in attendance (some were not able to make it), and then took a picture with the officials who attended including: OC Supervisor Doug, Council Member Ahmed Zahra & Jesus Silva, Mayor Fred Jung, and Assemblymember Sharon Quirk Silva.

Photo by Adrian Meza.