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Thank you former Mayor Jesus Silva for your Service

Former Mayor Jesus Silva with wife Assemblymember Sharon Quirk-Silva

Former Mayor Jesus J. Silva was elected to his first four-year term in 2016. Prior to joining Council, Silva served as Commissioner of the Fullerton City Parks and Recreation Commission from 2012-2016.

Born in Chihuahua, Mexico, Silva came to the United States when he was just six years old and in 1987, he fulfilled his lifelong dream of becoming a U.S. Citizen. He received his Bachelors of Science in Business Administration from California State University, Los Angeles, and his teaching credential and a Master’s Degree in Secondary Education from California State University, Fullerton. Silva has lived in Fullerton since 1991 and for the last 18 years has been a teacher in the Fullerton School District at Nicolas Jr High School.



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  1. The funnest part oh his “service” was when he had a gaggle of followers create a phony D3 map just to keep him in office. Good Lord, the logic and language gymnastics and the fake outrage! One might reasonably conclude political hypocrisy was hard at work.

    • Zenger, no the funniest part is that the council majority chose politicians Shawn Nelson and Gregg Sebourn and other partisans to sit on the redistricting committee and chop up the map – but still couldn’t convince voters to vote for their candidate. Jesus Silva was one of the more thoughtful council members and also bothered to study the backup materials unlike some members who don’t even read it.