Sale of City Owned of property at 212 East Santa Fe Ave

Council approved 4 to 1 (Silva no) to continue the item to December 20 at 5pm for the sale of property located at 212 East Santa Fe Ave to Westpark investments, LLC and TA partners. The Specific Plan is intended to accommodate a portion of the City’s housing obligation relating to the Regional Housing Needs Assessment.

This property will be used for a 124 room Hotel, 140 residential with 12% affordable units. The plan intends to build a replacement parking for public use, a new inviting entrance to the Train Museum, and 3,570 SF for retail/restaurant uses. the developer estimates 230 or more jobs will be added and that the property will bring in $800K to $1 million in revenue for the city. The City owned 1.66 acres land purchase price is $1,400,000.

Multiple people came out against the development citing poor public noticing, no mention of handicapped accessibility, poor maps, poor transportation and environmental studies, the land contamination, disruption of business, that construction will add to the signficant traffic problems, and be adding to the water shortages due to drought. A few people spoke in favor of the development including former planning commissioner Elizabeth Hansberg.

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