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Downtown Report Mid-December, 2022

Drag Racing Downtown

It may be of concern that drag racing has suddenly been taking place on a regular basis, but fortunately no injuries have been reported, even though a number of crashes have taken place. Maybe that is because the races have been organized and even sanctioned. The rumors are true. Slot car races have been held recently at Modelmania on Commonwealth and even underage kids have been participating, at times with their parents looking on. Good news after all.

Tree City

If you look to the south from any of our hills, you will see a pretty amazing urban forest. Trees are vital, but at times, they are in the wrong place, or unsafe, and they need to go.

Just wanted to let you know that although a huge tree landed on the building at 1435 N Harbor during our November downpour, nobody was injured and the tree has been removed. The Complete Package remains open and hopefully all repairs will be made and things will return to normal.

Remember, Shop Fullerton First, give a hand to our local merchants during the Holiday shopping season and all year long. Thanks to reader Judy for the tip.

A Brief Year In Review

*In January, we heard the sad news that Mike Rice had passed away. No doubt he would have been pleased to know his Fullerton Camera business would reopen, now called Image One.

*525 Coffee opened on Commonwealth and the Fox marquee lights came to life once again.

*As February rolled in we updated you all on the two new restaurants being built from the ground up in SoCo, and they now appear to be nearing completion.

*Spice Social opened in March and the new, updated Fullerton Honors banners were installed on West Commonwealth.

*You are sure to recall the hailstorm that made some areas of Fullerton appear to be snowed in. The white stuff landed on February 15th and stuck around the entire next day and into the night.

*The Fullerton Market returned, but we lost another Fullerton icon when Joe Tater passed. Not sure Fullerton will ever have another vaudevillian, certainly no one like Joe.

*The well- received Posada art installation opened and drew many to our Museum Center, and Wilshire Walk went under some major changes as COVID restrictions were eased.

*Pickled Monk began its transformation and soon became Pour Vida, now one of the more popular spots downtown.

*Day of Music made its return and All The Arts for All the Kids once again raised a lot of money for the cause.

*The Brownstone Café in Villa del Sol celebrated their 25th Anniversary and we celebrated Tommy Lasorda Day at the Fullerton Market.

*The Charleston project was announced and we learned the Williams Company building would be undergoing some major changes.

*The 3751 Steam Locomotive returned and drew many to our Transportation Center during an Amtrak safety event that included free tours of the Train Museum.

*We learned Angelo’s and Vinci’s would soon be bidding Fullerton farewell and new plans for the Fox Block were unveiled. Keep in mind, Angelo’s and Vinci’s is still open and new construction has not yet begun.

*Mickey’s Irish Pub and The High Horse opened with fund-raisers on consecutive days.

*A ribbon cutting was held at the Fullerton Union High School Auditorium and we got our first look at the extensive improvements that were made.

That’s brings us up to Winter Market and of course we need to echo our slogan, “When shopping for the holidays, please ‘Shop Fullerton First’.” Many downtown businesses struggled through the pandemic but thanks to your patronage, most kept their doors open and remained in business.

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Last time: The Rialto Theatre opened on the corner of what is now Harbor and Wilshire in 1917 and was remodeled/converted into a bank in 1930, now housing a number of businesses.


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  1. “Mickey’s Irish Pub and The High Horse opened with fund-raisers on consecutive days.”

    Fundraisers for whom? Marovic is supposed to give back the sidewalk this spring. I wonder what the over/under is.