Local Government

Middle Class Tax Refund Debit Cards

California Attorney General Bonta issued a consumer alert warning Californians of scammers targeting the state’s middle-class tax refund. Californians eligible for this one-time refund will automatically receive a payment by January 2023 by direct deposit or on a debit card.

You do not need to take any action or pay any money to receive the refund. The FTB already has all the information needed to make a direct deposit into your checking account or to send you a prepaid debit card. Anyone who claims they can get you your money quicker is a scammer. Don’t fall for text messages, emails, or calls asking you to “activate” or “reactivate” your prepaid debit card. The FTB will not contact you by text, email, or phone. Do not share personal information with anyone who is contacting you this way, even if they claim to be with the government.

Know what to look for if you receive a prepaid debit card. You’ll receive your prepaid debit card in an envelope such as the one shown here. The envelope states, “Not a bill or an advertisement. Important information about your Middle Class Tax Refund.” Envelopes that do not include this information are likely a scam.