Local Government

Commissions, Committee, and Board Appointments

At the City Council meeting on January 3, 2023 Councilmembers announced their representatives on commissions, committees, and boards. They are as follows:

Appointed by Mayor Fred Jung

• Transportation and Circulation Commission – Oscar Valadez

Appointed by Councilmember Ahmad Zahra

• Active Transportation Committee – Anjali Tapadia

• Community Development Citizens Committee – Tiffany Blay

• Infrastructure & Natural Resources Advisory Committee – Kari Thune

• Library Board of Trustee – Megan Mclellan

• Parks & Recreation Commission – Danielle Nava Mijares

• Planning Commission – Arif Z Mansuri

• Transportation & Circulation Commission – Mehul Desai

Appointed by Councilmember Nick Dunlap

• Library Board of Trustees – Joshua Dale

Appointed by Councilmember Dr. Shana Charles

• Active Transportation Committee – Joao Barros

• Community Development Citizens Committee – Gladys Patricia Hanzo

• Infrastructure & Natural Resources Advisory Committee – James Cho

• Parks & Recreation Commission – Adrian Meza

• Planning Commission – Patricia Tutor

• Transportation & Circulation Commission – Wayne Carvalho


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