Experiencing the Art Walk at ModelMania

We walked into a “Space Ship” on Friday evening February 3. We were greeted by Emily, space suited in white! We roamed the aisles of boxes containing models to make, like Airplanes etc. among other curious objects at the Magoski ModelMania in Fullerton.

There was, in a secluded corner, an assemblage art exhibit by John Sollom. I liked the woodcuts hung in a hallway, by Emily Heller.

As we walked further into the space we discovered other artists’ work hanging or leaning against walls. Mid-evening, around 7 pm, Al Garcia mounted the makeshift stage with his guitar to play and sing folk songs.

The sitting and standing audience enjoyed his music, dancing or clapping to his tunes.

There was a small section featuring books by Sci-Fi author Phil Dick.

Around 8 pm, Jesse LaTour presented a PowerPoint talk reviewing the author’s life. Dick was brought to CSUF by professor Will McNelly. Jesse’s lecture was very informative about Dick’s “spacy” mind and life.

“Astronaut” Hosts suited in white space uniforms circulated among the visitors to answer questions or give directions. This Modelmania “spaceship” evening is planned for the first Friday of each month. Perhaps other Fullerton establishments can join the first Friday “Art Walk” with their own music and art.