Community Voices

Students welcomed home after Big Bear Blizzard

Rolling Hills

Families with umbrellas, balloons and welcome home signs cheered. Buses honked their horns as 6th-grade students from Rolling Hills community elementary school arrived home Monday, February 27th, at 5 pm after being snowed in at camp in Big Bear for three extra nights. Their teachers, Jodie Dyer, Kimberly Clary-Horn, and Kyle Williamson, accompanied them.

The students went to High Trails Outdoor Science School in Big Bear early Tuesday morning, February 21st, for four days of adventure and science classes, including plant and water studies, orienteering, archery, rock wall climbing, and a challenge cause. It’s an annual 6th-grade trip.

When the snow arrived, activities became sledding, snow fort building, and making many snowmen. They were initially to return on Friday, February 24th, when blizzard weather was imminent; buses were sent Thursday morning to bring them home early.

Unfortunately, roads were already closed. Meanwhile, there were multiple daily updates to families from the school district and zoom with the camp director to answer questions.

The teachers and camp counselors kept the students safe and warm. They created additional fun and games. Activities included a pizza and movie night and a talent show.

Finally, on Monday morning, the waiting buses put on their chains, and the CHP advised they could now be escorted to the camp. The students and teachers quickly boarded and started their homeward-bound journey at noon.

Five hours later, it was hugs, tears, and smiles all around at the Rolling Hills elementary school parking lot. The outdoor science camp was an adventure these 6th-grade graders will forever remember.