City Council Notes: February 21, 2023 Meeting

  • The Council meets on the first and third Tuesdays of each month at 5:30 pm.
  • Upcoming agenda information and streaming video of meetings are available at http://www.cityoffullerton.com
  • City Hall is located at 303 W. Commonwealth, Fullerton
  • Contact Council at (714) 738-6311 or council@cityoffullerton.com

Dorothy Owens-Whitehurst (Shirley’s sister), Councilmember Ahmad Zahra, Councilmember Dr. Shana Charles, Maria Jones, and Marty Ramos (Leon Owens Foundation)


Black History Month Proclamation

and Honoring the Legacy of Shirley Owens McClanahan

Councilmembers Ahmad Zahra and Dr. Shana Charles presented the Black History month 2023 proclamation to the family members of Shirley Owens McClanahan.

“It’s an honor to have the Leon Owens Foundation here to receive this proclamation. I’ve worked with you. I’ve seen your work in our community for many years and I want to also say that this is in honor of the memory of Shirley McClanahan, who left us recently and was a dear friend and a wonderful community member,” said Zahra.

Councilmember Dr. Shana Charles said, “We have two proclamations here. One from Assemblymember Sharon Quirk-Silva and one from the City of Fullerton. The proclamations read: Whereas February is Black History Month celebrating the achievements and influence of black Americans on our city-state and nation. Be it resolved that Fred Jung, mayor of the City of Fullerton, on behalf of the entire Fullerton city council, do proclaim February 2023 as Black History month in the City of Fullerton.”

Credit Card Fee Structure

This item considers changing the credit card fee structure. There are several options, including passing all fees on to the consumer for a savings of $395,000 annually.

  • Option 1: City passes-through credit card and eCheck fees to customers.
  • Option 2: Blended Structure • City absorbs utility credit card and eCheck fees: • City passes through non-utility credit card and eCheck fees to customers.
  • Option 3: City absorbs credit card and eCheck fees.
  • Option 4: City absorbs credit card and eCheck fees with City Council’s direction to incorporate non-utility credit card and eCheck fees in future Fees and Charges Schedules.

Staff asked for the council to provide direction. Councilmembers asked several questions and decided to have it brought back to the council with additional options.

Legislative Platform Presentation

Consideration of the 2023 Legislative Platform confirming City Council positions on legislative issues with the potential impact on the City of Fullerton. Staff recommendations included:

  1. Adopt the 2023 Legislative Platform as amended by City Council.
  2. Authorize the Mayor, or Mayor Pro Tem in Mayor’s absence, to sign policy and position letters within platform guidelines.
  3. Approve City Council legislative advocacy policy.

Councilmember Dr. Shana Charles moved to have the item moved to the March 7 meeting to give the council time to ask questions of staff. Her motion was seconded by Councilmember Ahmad Zahra but was overruled by Mayor Fred Jung and Councilmember Dunlap when they called the question and seconded it. Charles asked for clarification from the City Attorney Dick Jones, who erroneously sided with the Mayor and Dunlap and essentially silenced Charles, preventing any discussion. However, the City Attorney later realized his error, and the item was moved to March 7 City council meeting.