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Fullerton loses another top employee

Meg McWade, Fullerton Public Works Director is leaving our city and will join the City of La Verne. McWade has 32 years of public service experience, including serving as the Director of Public Works for the City of Pomona, where she also served as the Deputy Public Works Director, Utilities Manager, Business Services Manager, and Budget Officer.

“Meg was ranked as the top candidate by our external interview panel. Meg will provide professionalism, stability, and a depth of knowledge as she serves our residents and leads the great staff in Public Works,” stated La Verne City Manager Ken Domer. Domer was fired without reason as Fullerton’s City Manager by a council majority in 2021. Several top employees have left or been fired, leaving the temps and new employees at a deficit of institutional knowledge.

“I am excited to join the Public Works Team serving the community of La Verne,” said McWade.

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  1. Meg is a wonderful person and was an incredible asset to the City of Fullerton. She will be greatly missed.

  2. What does the public works director have to do with the Kelly Thomas killing at the hands of police? What am I missing?

  3. She had no business doing that job in the first place. No engineering degree. Domer is in La Verne? Poor La Verne.

  4. Dorner was fired for insubordination. Its the mayor & council who controls the city.

  5. Meg was very kind to my wife and I at the community meeting for the Acacia Park playground remodel last year. She seems like a fine engineer. I asked her, “Why would anyone want to work for the City of Fullerton?, and she did not respond. I wish her well in her future endeavors.

    • Did you ask her where she got her degree in engineering? She isn’t an engineer.

  6. Meg was not working in Fullerton when Kelly Thomas was murdered. The state of the roads have nothing to do with the Director but with the City Council. THEY have failed to invest in the roads.

    • The roads are being worked on constantly but there is a backlog.

      And yes the council hasn’t done what needs to be done to catch up… because we’re a low tax city and Fullerton residents don’t want higher taxes and won’t vote for bond issues.

      The problem won’t be resolved until we decide to resolve it. It’s not a politician problem. It’s a citizen problem.

    • Meg was only here for three years – so you can’t blame her for roads or murder by police, etc. She has been great on the PFAS issue in our water and other issues even with a bare bones budget and fewer employees. If we get someone to replace her at even half her competence we will be very lucky.

  7. She was in office when the city murdered Kelly Thomas, and said nothing.